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It's a long time since I've posted anything here about weight loss. And even longer since I'd updated my webpages about it. In fact they were last updated in 2006 and I'd long since removed the link to the weight loss pages from my front page.

Last week however I finally reached a nominally healthy BMI of 24.8, and hence declared myself to have reached my target at Slimming World. So now I'm no longer planning to post anything about weight loss at all, but may make the occasional post about maintaining my weight.

If you'd like to see the graph of my weight over time, see a couple of before and after photos and read a bit more about it I've now updated my webpages, and you can find the relevant page here:

My Weight

At some point I need to go back to the GP and get them to do all the health checks again, to make sure that the weight loss has my blood sugar and cholesterol under control now that I'm not longer taking medication.

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Sprained/chipped ankle: sufficiently better that most of the time I don't even remember I did it any more. Even when doing things like attempting to scale a climbing wall. Success.

Hyperparathyroidism/hypercalcaemia: Have appointment to see surgeon on 28th, at which point they'll make an appointment to actually have the operation and take my overactive parathyroid out. Relatively minor day surgery, will need to take calcium/vitamin D supplements for a while afterwards until the other three glands reset to normal operation.

Kidney stone: This is almost certainly caused by the excess calcium in my urine because of the above. CT scan results are in and I have a 4mm stone in my left kidney. At this size it's 50/50 whether it's worth treating, but since I have symptoms (pain again this Tuesday, and I can still sort of feel it now) the GP has referred me to have it broken up using external ultrasound. No idea how long this referral will take. In the meantime I still have enough diclofenac left to deal with the pain.

Metabolic Syndrome: Having lost some weight I've discussed this with my GP. Since I have a strong family history of diabetes it's very likely that even if I lose more weight I'm still going to get diabetes later. He'd rather I continued to take the Metformin and statins, since apparently they can have a protective effect and will hopefully delay its onset. I'm not terribly happy with this, but will review in maybe 6-8 months time, at which point I'll ask them to re-do all the sugar/cholesterol level tests too. This does mean I still can't drink.

Weight loss: 13kg so far to 97kg, which is over 10% of my weight and more than 5 BMI points. I expect to reach 90kg (around BMI 31.5, and my next target) by mid-September. I need to reach 85kg to no longer be classed as obese. Still following Slimming World online, still trying not to go on about it.

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Things I have done recently:

  • Joined slimming world's online site at http://bodyoptimise.com and spent a week following their plan
  • Taken metformin and statins for just over a week: 1 day of nearly gagging while eating, 2 days of diarrhoea, now just the occasional gurgle.
  • Despite the combination of the above I've not lost the huge lump of weight which is typically associated with the first week of a diet, but I shall persevere
  • Had my first day back in the office, and resolved to start going in again next week. Stephen has offered me lifts, since I'm very nearly on his route to work anyway. I'm thinking about trying the bike after Easter.
  • Been out to my first social event since doing my ankle in, the lovely Alison's lovely birthday party, with the most incredible Star Destroyer cake. It was nice to talk to people.
  • Got a letter from the NHS asking me to use their "choose and book" system to get an appointment about the hyperparathyroidism. Only I could neither choose (only one choice) or book (no appointments available) so I rang them up and apparently Addies should write to me directly within the next 14 days and if not I should contact me GP and get them to talk to Addies about it.
  • Had a go on the wii fit: 13 minutes of step and two balance games, and beat my previous scores. With a wii fit age of 29 but my highest weight ever. Though it's 161 days since I last tried it. Without my rides to work I need a little exercise of some sort. Ankle didn't mind at the time, tiny bit achy now.
  • Ascended a monk in nethack! Only my second ascension ever, and the first time I've seriously played a monk at all. It was rather fun.

Don't expect regular weight or diet updates, I just want to quietly get on with it, rather than talking about it.

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Friday night we stayed in and had a night so quiet I can't remember it.

Saturday we got up and pottered over to Parkers Piece for a wander round the county fair. We saw re-enacters, steam engines, sheep, pigs, harris hawks and cute collies (including excitable puppy), ate sausage-inna-bun, and pottered through the craft and food stalls. We came home with game pie, a joint of beef, some posh burgers, a bottle of concentrated sarsparilla and some expensive Italian chocolate. We'd considered going out cycling afterwards, but it was far too hot, so we spent the rest of the day quietly and watched The Bourne Identity on DVD in the evening, with our nice burgers in ciabatta buns.

Sunday we woke early, and were out the house by 9:30 on a little 11 mile loop to Waterbeach and back along the river, taking in Tesco to drop off our carrier bag mountain. (Bikely route map). It was getting fairly hot again by the time we got back (around 11) and Mike was suffering rather badly from the pollen. We had another quiet rest of day, with me bravely managing to stay awake until lunch of ham sandwiches, game pie and pickled eggs. Then Mike stuck the oven on, I gave in and had a nap, and eventually it was tea time with roast beef and roast potatoes and lovely red wine sauce, very nice indeed. We finished the evening off watching Walk The Line which we've had out on DVD for nearly a fortnight, but somehow never seemed to be in the mood for. It was most excellent anyway, and was a nice finish to the weekend.

Week so far has been fairly normal, with work and geeking and not quite enough sleep and going to finally register at my local doctor's surgery today. They were very helpful anyway. Though when I made an appointment for an hour later I made the mistake of leaving my keys at home when I came out of the house again. The doctor I saw was lovely, and took my blood pressure with a fancy new automatic machine, which really did feel like it was trying to squeeze my arm off. 135/92 - the latter figure being a little worrying, but not too much so given overweight people often have raised blood pressure, so it's probably that and not the pills. It also took my pulse as 78, which is pretty much what I'd measured it as myself the previous day. We talked a bit about the weight, and I embarrassed myself thoroughly by getting teary about it. She said I could try their nurse led clinic if I liked, but I decided to leave it for now. Perhaps there's still the hope I can get hold of this myself, but when I've already regained half of what I painstakingly lost over lent I've no confidence I can keep off any weight I lose. I have too many bad habits that I honestly don't really *want* to break.

On which cheery note I've eaten mostly sensibly today, and had two nice brisk 1 mile walks to work and back, since without my keys I couldn't get my bike out of the shed! Oops, silly me. Perhaps the exercise is more important anyway.

In Lent: lost 13 pounds in 6.5 weeks, from 17 stone 2 to 16 stone 3
Since then: gained 7 pounds in 9 weeks, back to 16 stone 10

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As previously described I gave up alcohol and junk food for lent. So no cakes, biscuits, sweets, pastries, pizza, chocolate, etc etc for 6 and a half weeks. I made 3 exceptions: a glass of pink bubbly on my sister's hen-night, a half of guinness and chinese out on the day we moved house (which was also St Patrick's day), and a packet of crisps and some biscuits when I gave blood, because they're there for a specific reason.

This morning I am 13 lbs lighter than I was on the morning of Ash Wednesday.

It seems to have worked so well for me I intend to continue, but not to include holidays and weekends. I can't deny it was nice to have a pain au chocolat for breakfast though! Happy Easter! (And *hug* for those for whom it's being a sad one).

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Currently I weigh somewhere in the region of 17 stone (108 kg) and I'm about 5'6" (1.68 m) which makes me 38.3 BMI, my clever scales say I'm somewhere between 47 and 50% fat, I'm female and I'm 30.

Guidelines say that people should be between 20 and 25 BMI, and women my age should have between 21 and 33% bodyfat. So by BMI I should be between 8 stone 12 (56.5 kg) and 11 stone 1 (70.5 kg). At my thinnest I was just under that upper limit.

Let's assume that I'm at the higher of those two fat percentages. That means I currently have 50% lean mass (8 stone 7, 54kg). If I lose only fat, then 21% bodyfat would be at 10 stone 11 (68.5 kg, 24.3 BMI) and 33% bodyfat would be at 12 stone 10 (80.5 kg, 28.5 BMI). 20 BMI would leave me with only 4.5% bodyfat.

Of course you *don't* lose only fat when losing weight, and that still leaves me needed to lose over 4 stone to be in a healthy range, but it's definitely food for thought.

Good / Bad

May. 18th, 2006 10:24 am
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So, last night's gig. Doors were at 7, and actually seem to have opened on time yet again, which is becoming a continuing source of amazement. Support wasn't on until 8 though, and only had a half hour slot. This meant we had plenty of time to kill, in which burgers and chips from the Trailer of Life franchise were scoffed. Saves meeting up to eat beforehand and it's cheap and cheerful, if not exactly healthy. Anyway the chap doing support was called Declan O'Rourke and played us some vaguely folk tunes accompanied by acoustic guitar and harmonica on one song. He was competant, but dull enough that even his gentle Irish lilting voice couldn't rescue him. The crowd seemed to quite like him though, and applauded more than just politely.

Now the crowd, that was the thing with this gig. They were nice. Very very nice, and awfully civilised. And just a wee bit too grown up (and I mean that in terms of age and not behaviour d'oh! behaviour and not age! Even the young people were being very grown up). We made our way nearish the front for The Divine Comedy but it just seemed to rude to push such nice people - we could easily have been right at the barrier if we'd been just a wee bit less polite about the whole thing. Still the music was great. The set had a lot of new material since there's a new album out, but that wasn't entirely surprising. Neil Hannon turns out to have a very good sense of humour and comic timing, and there was a good sprinkling of old favourites. Ernie and I danced and sang along to the fast ones, but despite Neil commenting part way through that it was nice to see people bouncing to the music because that way he could tell they were enjoying it the crowd for the most part was very very static. They woke up a little for Charge which was definitely the highlight of the show, but when we can only see about 3 people other than ourselves in the front 5 rows of people who are dancing to Something For The Weekend which closed the encore then well, it couldn't help but seem a little flat. Still, someone complemented us on the dancing as we were queueing for the cloakroom on the way out.

So yeah, musically and in terms of between=track banter it was brilliant - the band were all incredibly good musicians and Hannon is a star, but overall as gigs go it was lacking a bit of an edge. I'd definitely see them again, and maybe I'm kicking myself just a little for not seeing them two years ago, but nah, it was the right decision at the time.

Since it was over by 10:30 I headed over to Mike's post-gig, which would have been a pleasant end to the evening but my horrible acid-reflux indigestion won. I was up throwing up with it twice in the night, which is not pleasant when you've already got a slightly sore throat anyway I can assure you. To be honest it's rather pushed me into being a bit more careful about my eating though - I *know* it's worse the fatter I am and yet at the moment I'm at my fattest ever and dwelling on how horrible I feel like I look far too often. So it ends here, for a while at least. I popped into Sainsburies on the way into work this morning when it opened at 8 and have lots of fruit and things for eating in the office, as well an ingredients for a nice chilli for dinner tonight. But still, even raspberry and cranberry yog with a tub of raspberries seems to be too much for me to make myself eat this morning, and I'm munching on indigestion tablets rather than finishing it. Hopefully stop feeling grotty soon though.

The BBC are running a "you're unfit and you know it" campaign at the moment, or at least in the run up to it. It occurred to me last week that I really do hate being this unfit. Only getting fit is extremely hard work, and what I dislike about being unfit is how hard work it makes everything. Hmm, awkward little situation that one.

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This week I gained 1lb. Not been very careful this week, but not too unhappy with that result. Will have another non-logged weigh-in on Weds morning, which should quite safely show me weighing less than on 1st Jan, which is the current goal.

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This week I gained 2¾lb. Sod it, may as well go back to the long-term graph. Not like I've actully lost weight since the short term one started. This could have been worse, it was a couple of lbs higher when I last looked mid-week. All that jumping up and down and walking over the weekend had to be good for something.

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This week I lost 2½lb

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This week I gained ¾lb

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15 stone 10.8 say the scales, which is about 2.5 lbs down. 47.9% fat. Graphs need three weeks of data so back next week.

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I guess I intend to update weight weekly, Bust/Waist/Hips monthly and the others less often.

Weight:16 stone 0.4 lbs
Under bust:41"

Waist is a couple of inches bigger than I thought, the others more or less as expected. Photos to follow when they're not on rjk's laptop :-)

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I could be at post-pizza (hell I could have gone to pizza too but more on that anon) but why? Beer's no good if I'm not drinking. I don't even have the excuse of going to see the new format Grauniad 'cso rjk bought a copy. So that leaves the company and well, I'm fed up which makes just hanging out with the usual crowd of people unappealing. Not because of who they are but because I just don't feel like I can engage in anything that's going on, I don't know if that makes sense. And the part of me that really wants to see Mike is overruled by the part of me that thinks I'm pathetic and that I can't let myself rely on him for company, and besides I don't feel like risking making him feel even less like I'm a fun person to be with and risk a friendship as well as having lost more than that. So instead I'm home alone and a little lonely.

More positively, and yes at least partly because of conversations with Mike but not just that, I've somewhere found a little hard knot of resolve in me, and I *am* going to lose some weight again. I don't think it's just a flash in the pan this time. This morning's graph was in one way a new beginning, and in one way an end. Next week's data will go on file, and the following week there'll be new graphs, starting from today. I know it's cheating to be always making new starts, but I think this time it will actually help, and the failures of the past need to stop dragging me down. I'm going to ask Richard to take some photos of me when I get in. I don't expect them to be pretty. And I don't intend to look at them all the time and wince. But I want to make a record of how things are now.

Anyway as a result of this I went shopping at lunchtime and bought vast heaps of food :-) An odd way to start a diet perhaps, but I now have in my desk drawers a selection of stuff which can be filling, not unhealthy lunches, snacks and if necessary breakfast. All stuff that will keep, with the exception of the fruit selection on the windowsill. Living on pre-pack sandwiches with the need for extra variety being filled by crisps or chocolate or the occasional pork pie is the way of the expanding waist line, and the empty pocket too. This way it shouldn't matter that I just don't have the energy to make myself decent food for lunch when I get up in the morning. And that's my main reason for not going to pizza, which is a shame, as post-pizza would probably feel more worthwhile that way.

I've had conversations before with people (OK, mostly Ian, hi:-) where it was felt that diets of any sort just don't work. That even if you're apparently "successful" like I was then once the willpower wears off the pounds come back. The suggested alternative is to instead of changing your diet change your lifestyle so you get more exercise, burn off more calories and hopefully boost your metabolism long term. The thing is as far as I'm concerned this takes just as much if not *more* willpower, and certainly more time, than dieting. And equally if you stop you'll just go back to step one again in the same way. It's good to make sure you get a healthy amount of exercise but I would argue that in 15 mins cycling (more like 20, while I'm this overweight and unfit) twice a day 5 times a week I already do get enough exercise. [sorry, that's a little rant that's been nagging me since I worked it out after the last instance of this conversation]

So yeah. Stuff. And I'm knitting and crocheting various odds and ends. Don't show any sign of finishing anything else soon, having completed the second version of the hat in the icon using the same pink yarn I used for the top for Col and Kirsten's wedding. I could do with spending more time out of the house and with other people, but as usual for me I built my life too much around one person and don't know quite what to do any more.

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  • 3 rashers smoked bacon, fat removed
  • 4 large cloves garlic
  • 320g tin mixed beans
  • fresh rosemary and thyme
  • 2 lean lamb steaks
  • 2 low fat sausages
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 400g tin tomatoes


Chop bacon and garlic. Put in oven proof pan with beans, herbs, and a pint or so of water. On a low heat simmer for a long time til thickened. Meanwhile cube sausage and lamb and fry in the olive oil until sealed. Add the tomatoes and the meat, place lid on pan and put in low oven. Leave to cook for several hours until thick and rich with the lamb tender enough to fall to pieces. Serve with mashed spuds (with more garlic in!).

In other news I think I'm going to give up alcohol for the meantime. At least a month. And that's the second low fat filling meal today (having had a 3 egg omelette for lunch with onion, a little bacon, peppers and mushrooms, made with only the remaining fat from frying the meat for dinner). I'm wearing a brand new pair of jeans today, and want to get too thin for them as soon as possible. At least partly because I'm sick (sic) of the fact being overweight gives me terrible indigestion.

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