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Does anyone want to buy Guitar Hero III (with guitar), and Guitar Hero World Tour (with guitar, mic and drums) for the wii? I can throw in Guitar Hero Metallica and Lego Rockband games too. The two bundles would be around £160 new. Looking for around 50 quid? Collect from Shelford, Cambs.

See: photos, for more details.


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Mike's working next Saturday, so I thought I might invite a few people round. Maybe just for a drink or maybe to play on the wii. And at some point I really do mean to invite more people round just for a party.

EDIT: NB I was thinking of the poll as "in general" rather than specifically this coming weekend.

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Mar. 12th, 2009 09:13 am
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dammit the disk seems to have errors, am trying it anyway but am just getting a page of io errors on dev sr0. will have to burn another copy next time i go upstairs.

mike kindly swapped the guitar hero world tour disk out for guitar hero 3 so at least i can play some different tunes in the meantime. if anyone else happens to be not working and wants to play i think the friends code should be tagged wii, text me on number in memories if so
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They recently had a promotion in the canteen at work. One raffle ticket for every sandwich you bought. I ended up with 3 tickets, so was very surprised to find that I'd won. And this is what I won:

Saracen Diva

It's definitely a more expensive bike than I was expecting it to be (more details). But I'm not entirely surprised to find it doesn't have any lights. And I'm not *quite* sure what I'm going to do with it :-)


Jul. 22nd, 2008 10:05 am
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For anyone who wants them my wii's console number is 1178 7267 0951 8136 and my friends number for Guitar Hero III is 5284 3070 8514.


Mar. 22nd, 2008 10:50 am
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Yesterday we went shopping. And to post a DVD back to lovefilm on Burleigh Street on the way.

We were walking along the street and I posted the DVD and Mike said "what are you doing?!?" and I was like "what?" and then I realised instead of posting it in the postbox I'd posted it in the rubbish bin 5 yards away. D'oh. And the bin turned out to be nearly empty. It's one of those which has a lid and four slots (one on each side) and which has a door to open in order to empty it - we couldn't think of anything which we could use to open the door. I tried sticking my arm in, and couldn't reach, because it was sitting right on the bottom. Mike tried sticking his arm in and couldn't reach. We called directory enquiries and got a number for the council, but their switchboard is only manned on working days 9 til 5, and it was 10:30am on Good Friday. Mike tried using his railcard wallet to extend his reach but still couldn't even touch the bottom. We went in the Cancer Research shop looking for something which would work better, and ended up buying the 7" single of "Double Dutch" for 25p. The lady at the till asked me if I were going to do aerobics to it, and I said "no, skipping". We went back outside, and Mike tried again, with my directing, since he couldn't see anything while his arm was so far in the bin. Eventually success, he got the edge of the single under the edge of the envelope and managed to prop it up against the side of the bin instead of the bottom, and was then able to grab hold of it. We posted it in the real postbox with some relief. I have rarely felt so idiotic.

Then we went and did our shopping. We bought 2 tablespoons, insoles for my shoes, the new We Are Scientists album, a set of steak knives, 3 wii games and a controller in one shop (Zelda, Mario Galaxies, Resident Evil 4), and then went 2 doors down and bought a wii along with guitar hero 3. We came home and spent all afternoon playing games. I is rubbish with the guitar but having great fun. So much so I forgot to even listen to the CD.

I still feel silly though.

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