Oct. 23rd, 2009 06:47 pm
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We've booked our wedding venue, and will be getting married on 18th September 2010 at Queens'. We're very excited. Have to go do the Notice of Marriage at the Register Office in the next few weeks, and next weekend me and mum are going to look at wedding dresses. I shall try not to go on about it too much :)

No new health news :) Back to Addies on Monday to get rescanned to see if the kidney stone has really gone. Still waiting for the results of the blood tests they took at the end of September to see if my hormone and calcium levels have gone back to normal. Otherwise pretty well though, scar is already visibly fading, and I'm still slowly losing weight. 5.5kg to go until I'm no longer obese, at which point I might think about trying to maintain my weight instead. We'll see.

A couple of lovely parties fairly recently for Laura and Karen's birthdays. Other than that life's been pretty quiet: lots of reading, lots of watching DVDs, not much else. It's all good though.

Oh, and I'm vaguely considering upgrading to Windows 7, since I can get it cheap as an academic, but it seems my graphics card isn't compatible with their shiny new "Aero" style desktop, I'd need new drivers for my ethernet card (not so bad), my AV won't work on it, I'd need more memory to run the 64-bit version, and it's not clear whether any of my games and so-on would run on it. Oh and it definitely won't do the virtualised WinXP compatibility stuff. So it's not looking like a great move really. I might just buy the extra memory instead :)

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Walked to the hospital this morning in the sunshine, which was really nice. And they got me all doped up ready for the procedure, and lying in the right place on the table with the ultrasound machine. And then started looking for the kidney stone in order to blast it into pieces... and couldn't find it.

It's possible I passed it the last time I had pain, or it's possibly just hiding. The images on the machine intended for zapping are apparently not always good enough to find things, and my stone is (or was) only just big enough to need treatment anyway. So they're going to send me an appointment for an ordinary ultrasound to see if they can still find anything. If not we'll assume it passed and just be pleased, otherwise they'll make another appointment for the lithotripsy once they know better where to find it.

Paul picked me up and has dropped me in the office instead of at home, where I'm going to read email for a bit and have some lunch while the sedative finished wearing off. I don't feel *very* doped up though, so I'll be able to get some work done this afternoon.

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It's been a good couple of weeks: my scar's getting much better, my shoulder isn't aching any more, and I no longer have to drink horrible effervescent calcium tablets twice a day. We had a fab weekend in Bath for Rae and Adam's wedding, where Mike was bridesmaid complete with electric guitar, and we're generally taking it easy and enjoying life.

Tomorrow I'm back at the hospital again though for litrotripsy on my kidney stone. This is where they bombard it with ultrasound waves through your back in order to break it up. Being sensible I just dug out the paperwork yesterday to make sure I was ready for Monday morning. Being less sensible I hadn't really looked at in detail since the beginning of August when they sent me it, and *now* I realise they suggest I take the rest of the week off to recover and bring someone to take me home, since I'll have been sedated and not fit to drive. Ooops.

Now obviously I wasn't intending to drive anyway, since hey, I don't have a car. Hopefully they'll let me go home in a taxi on my own, but I've grovelled to Paul to ask if he can give me a lift home mid- or late-morning. Sometimes I really am a bit of a muppet! I'd best email work and tell them not to expect me in after my appointment :)

PS *phew* Paul says yes, so I've got a couple of people I can call on just in case. Thank goodness, and sorry for being so disorganised!


Jul. 28th, 2009 10:00 pm
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  • I have seen the parathyroid surgeon today and have surgery booked for September 3rd
  • I'm going to go visit baby Oliver (and his mum and dad and grandad and granny) next weekend while Mike is away in Nottingham
  • We are going on holiday: staying in Exeter for a week from the 16th. Conveniently letting me travel there directly from Rae's hen night in Cardiff, rather than coming home first.

It's all good. Apparently the urology appointment I have on 27th August will just be to discuss what to do about the kidney stone, rather than actually do it, but that's not the end of the world. And I have to visit the hospital for pre-assessment 2 days before the parathyroid surgery, but hopefully that'll just be a reasonably short appointment rather than taking a day off work. And I'll have over a week to recover before we're off to Bath for Rae and Adam's wedding.

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Sprained/chipped ankle: sufficiently better that most of the time I don't even remember I did it any more. Even when doing things like attempting to scale a climbing wall. Success.

Hyperparathyroidism/hypercalcaemia: Have appointment to see surgeon on 28th, at which point they'll make an appointment to actually have the operation and take my overactive parathyroid out. Relatively minor day surgery, will need to take calcium/vitamin D supplements for a while afterwards until the other three glands reset to normal operation.

Kidney stone: This is almost certainly caused by the excess calcium in my urine because of the above. CT scan results are in and I have a 4mm stone in my left kidney. At this size it's 50/50 whether it's worth treating, but since I have symptoms (pain again this Tuesday, and I can still sort of feel it now) the GP has referred me to have it broken up using external ultrasound. No idea how long this referral will take. In the meantime I still have enough diclofenac left to deal with the pain.

Metabolic Syndrome: Having lost some weight I've discussed this with my GP. Since I have a strong family history of diabetes it's very likely that even if I lose more weight I'm still going to get diabetes later. He'd rather I continued to take the Metformin and statins, since apparently they can have a protective effect and will hopefully delay its onset. I'm not terribly happy with this, but will review in maybe 6-8 months time, at which point I'll ask them to re-do all the sugar/cholesterol level tests too. This does mean I still can't drink.

Weight loss: 13kg so far to 97kg, which is over 10% of my weight and more than 5 BMI points. I expect to reach 90kg (around BMI 31.5, and my next target) by mid-September. I need to reach 85kg to no longer be classed as obese. Still following Slimming World online, still trying not to go on about it.

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Consultant appointment today. They took my height, weight and blood pressure first - where I proved you get weird results from the automatic machine if the cuff is too small - 160/94 became 100/70 when done again manually with a bigger cuff, and she checked it 3 times, once standing up, just to make sure. Consultant took lots of medical history information and didn't say much that I didn't already know, other than to mention that actually my calcium levels are only *just* above normal, and if I were older they wouldn't bother operating, and that after surgery my bone density should go back to normal. They do want to do a DEXA scan to check bone density at three specific points (spine, hip, forearm) and I've got to collect some urine samples and have another blood test done, but if the results of those all confirm the diagnosis so far then I'll be referred to the surgeon. Should take 6-8 weeks to get an appointment to see him and then another 6-8 weeks before the operation, so I guess I'm looking at October. Oh and if the tests *don't* confirm the diagnosis I'll be back to see the consultant in 3 months time, because they only run the clinic once a month and she's not available in 2 months time. I really do hope they say the right thing, I just want to get this *over*. Still, at least I can probably now thing about booking a holiday in late August.

I also got an appointment for a CT scan for the kidney stone through this morning, and that's in a fortnight's time, and will also be relevant. I'm a little unimpressed that wasn't sooner, given that if I were still in pain I'd have to go back to the GPs for a bigger supply of painkillers. Just in case I'm getting hospital withdrawal symptoms in the meantime though I've got an appointment to give blood at the hospital's blood donation centre next week.

In other news this morning I managed to make a boiled egg explode, and cover both myself and the kitchen in egg, including the clean clothes and the clean washing up. It was *not* what I'd call a good start to the day. Don't believe Delia when she says 7 minutes is long enough for a hard-boiled egg, especially not in shallow water. And do prick the yolks *before* microwaving the resulting shelled lumps of half-cooked egg-like mess, if you're attempting to finish the cooking process off. They were fine in the microwave itself, but the one which was most whole did not react well to me cutting into it to see if it was done. Thank goodness I was wearing my glasses!

Thank you

Jun. 6th, 2009 11:28 am
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Thanks all for the well wishes on the last post. It appears you are all more powerful than you think, or perhaps I'm just incredibly lucky, and believe me I'm touching wood right now, well laminate, but I've woken this morning in no pain at all. Maybe drinking lots and lots of water has helped it break up quickly, perhaps it's just moved a little and will get stuck again somewhere else, but for now I'm feeling very relieved.

And we had a nice evening in London visiting Pete and Val (Mike's brother and his fiancee) at their rather eclectic place on Tottenham. We enjoyed seeing their place, having a look at the artwork they've got up on the walls for an event they're running over the weekend (with bands and DJs as well as the art), eating chinese and playing some rather eccentric pool (with a young cat joining in), and generally had a good time. It was nice to see them. We got rather mislaid on our way home and failed to find which bus stop to get off for Tottenham Hale, and in the end realised we were so far past it that it was easier to stay on until Liverpool Street, where we were too late for the intended train but still able to get the last train for Cambridge, so getting home rather later than intended - and with a taxi ride for the last leg, since the last train for some reason stops at all the usual stops *except* Shelford.

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I may in the past have expressed some impatience with the fact I've had so many appointments to diagnose and test a condition for which I had no apparent symptoms. This morning however I woke at 5am with a strong pain in my abdomen, mostly in the left lower back, which became stronger and weaker in waves, and kept me more or less awake and uncomfortable until 8am when I could phone the GPs, and get an appointment at 9am. Testing my urine showed signs of blood in it, and it seems that in fact all this extra calcium in my blood has caused the formation of a kidney stone. Ow.

I have yet another referral for yet another hospital appointment for a CT scan to look for stones, which is fast tracked and should be within the next 10 days, and in the meantime I have strong painkillers. And a bit more respect for the power of a tiny over-active gland in my neck. The painkillers work, but it's not how I intended for the last day of my week off work!

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