Dec. 12th, 2016 01:36 pm
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A short list of things

  • My mum's gall bladder is safely removed, hopefully good riddance
  • My phone has died again, and is on its way to Giffgaff to hopefully be fixed under warranty
  • I have a startlingly old-fashioned dumb-phone to keep me in calls and texts in the meantime - usual number
  • Am considering buying a new phone in the New Year anyway
  • I've booked the eye test Specsavers have been reminding me about since March - now only £7.50 instead of a tenner :)
  • I dyed my hair purple, coincidentally the same shade as 10 years ago, in just the week people are comparing old and new photos - it doesn't look quite as bright as it did on bleached hair of course
  • The Christmas tree is up and we have some lights in the garden too at Matthew's request, and a decorated office door at work
  • I have printed out the Christmas card list, ready to start writing cards, late as usual
  • I *think* I just did the last bit of present shopping, I gave in and did it online, couldn't face the shops

hair tree

Any phone recommendations welcomed - current phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, and I like the size and the general look and feel and so on. I'd like something with a little bit more power (mostly for Pokemon Go). Looking to spend around £200 again sim-free, or find something on contract for around £15 a month since that's roughly what the Samsung has worked out as over 24 months (including a fiver a month on 500MB of data, and the occasional top-up for calls and texts).

And if you'd like a Christmas card and are not on my usual list then drop me a line with your address!

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Goodness it's a while since I posted here! Apologies to those who follow me on Facebook (or my photos of Matthew on blipfoto) and have probably heard most of this already :)

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NB: My two recent LJ posts were partly as a result of seeing this - so I'm reposting in case it inspires anyone else:

'When you see this, make a post in your journal or in a community. It can be anything: a crosspost something you've posted on Tumblr, a few words about the last thing you read/watched, or just a "Hi, how is everyone?" Then go read your f-list and leave at least one comment.'
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I'm quite enjoying keeping LJ a bit more up-to-date, even if it's been a couple of weeks since my last proper post, and I'm mostly posting in bullet points. Since then I've:

  • Planted a David Austen rose in the garden - Malvern Hills
  • Started to get into posting pictures on Instagram - though I prefer not to play with the filters
  • Had my first free NHS dentist appointment (maternity perk)
  • Bought some nice new clothes from M&S, ebay and Isabella Oliver with my birthday money
  • Had my first UCU committee meeting, a meeting for Pensions Officers in London, and a union event on stress and workload in the department
  • Had a lovely day off work with Mike: a frosty walk taking lots of photos, Christmas shopping, cakes from Patisserie Valerie
  • Went out to the Crown and Thistle in Great Chesterford for Mike's work's Christmas party - excellent meal and lots of fun
  • Watched some Masterchef, some Time Team, some NCIS, and the rest of season 2 of The Walking Dead
  • Whinged quite a bit about the heartburn I've been suffering from - though it's improving a bit now
  • Posted Christmas cards, wrapped Christmas presents, put up Christmas decorations and iced the cake!

In the coming week I have a glucose tolerance test, a midwife appointment, a haircut, my work Christmas lunch, my Slimming World group's little Christmas party, and then we're off up North for a Christmas with the Blairs in Mirfield and Littleborough - which I'm looking forward to lots. In the meantime here's some photos, and a link to the album from our frosty walk

Christmas Tree Rosehips in frost Frosty Landscape

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We had a lovely weekend away for my birthday, staying in Culloden Tower in Richmond - an 18th century folly converted into a holiday cottage by the Landmark Trust. Mum and Dad treated us to the weekend's stay, and very kindly let Mike and I have the double bedroom on the top floor: I don't think the 66 steps between it and the bathroom had anything to do with it. It was a fantastic place to stay, with stunning views from the rooftop across to Richmond Castle and down to the river. And to top it off Steph, Dave, Oliver and Isobel came to visit us on the Saturday, and we had a proper birthday tea, and then they stayed over nearby so we all visited the Castle together the next day before Em and John came over for lunch on Sunday. Couldn't ask for a nicer time. At some point I *will* upload the photos.

Since it's now (some time) after my birthday it's permitted to start thinking about Christmas - so Mike and I have had the day off today to go and do our Christmas shopping. The plan was to hit the shops after a late breakfast, and then have a proper afternoon tea, and after much research we were planning to head to the Doubletree hotel. They don't do afternoon tea until after 3 though, and at 1:45 were were done with the shopping already, and decided we couldn't wait that long, so in the end we went to Patisserie Valerie - who don't do an afternoon tea, but do have a great club sandwich (for Mike), a rather tasty croque madame (for me) and a double chocolate gateaux and a mixed berry tart (shared). We'll just have to have our afternoon tea another time! Barring one parcel which is supposedly "out for delivery" right now, and one which is due to arrive tomorrow I think that's the shopping pretty much done though - hurray!

Definitely looking forward to Christmas with Mike's family, and then New Year with mine celebrating my dad's 60th - it's going to be fun.

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Today we got up and went for a potter into the village: to the post office to collect a parcel, to the Co-Op unsuccessfully seeking wholemeal pitta bread, to the bike shop to buy brake blocks, to the Library to look round an excellent exhibition of interesting hand-made pieces of book-art (including one of [ profile] ceb's) and to the deli on impulse to buy some lovely looking chillis and an avocado - they've rather expanded the green-grocery out the front and we couldn't resist. It's really nice living in a proper village!

Back home we opened the parcel and found lovely Christmas presents from Em and John. Perfume, a DVD, some *fabulous* looking slabs of chocolate with chilli, and an ace evolution-of-man tshirt for Mike ending with a chap playing electric guitar :) We watched Time Team, had lunch and have generally been chilling out ever since. I even have iced coffee, though I accidentally put too much sweetener in so it's not actually drinkable - oops. And Ocado have kindly come and filled out fridge to bursting as well.

If the weather's nice tomorrow we might potter over to Fowlmere to have a play with our binoculars. We had great fun yesterday evening pointing the scope at the moon and at Jupiter and counting its moons too. A wee bit too wobbly without a tripod.


Jan. 8th, 2011 10:41 pm
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So... the last thing I really posted about was my parathyroid all clear (hurrah). Since then I've been busy, but I'll briefly summarise. Click through each photo for the rest of the album.

On my birthday (a Friday) we went out for dinner with Becky and Stuart and then went to see the latest Harry Potter film, which was great fun. Sadly we couldn't stop out for a drink afterwards as we had to get an early train to Burton-on-Trent for the wedding of Mike's cousin Stephen and Anna. It was lovely to see lots of Mike's family again so soon after our wedding: Chris and Margaret (Stephen's mum and dad) were particularly smug that it was now their turn to be proud parents of the groom. I love weddings, and this was no exception: lovely ceremony, gorgeous dress, a nice meal and then speeches, *loads* of dancing with a real band, and an excellent buffet.

Since we were in the region anyway Mike decided his birthday present to me was a bit of a holiday in the Peak district, so his Mum and Dad kindly gave us a lift to Buxton on the Sunday (very kind, since it turns out to be a very awkward journey to do by train, all those hills in the way). We pottered round the town on Sunday afternoon and went to see Show of Hands at the Opera House - which was great fun but made us feel very young :) On Monday we got a bus into the middle of nowhere (the bus driver kindly dropped us even though there was no stop) and went for an 8 mile walk along the Roaches to Lud's Church. Considering the time of year we were lucky there were only a few very muddy bits, and the weather smiled on us far more than we deserved, it was brilliant! And then on Tuesday we visited Poole's Cavern (a show cave dating from Victorian times) and Solomon's Temple (a folly on the hill above the town). It was a lovely few days away and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

In mid-December we managed another picturesque weekend away, this time in Yorkshire. We went to visit my mum and dad, and Mike's parents joined us there too. We had a Saturday out in the Dales, visiting the Strid near Bolton Abbey, having a fantastic lunch in Burnsall, and then driving up over the tops, past the last of the snow, and down through Malham. Fantastic. And on the Sunday we were joined by my sisters and John, Dave and Oliver for a big family not-quite-Christmas dinner, complete with turkey and trifle! It doesn't match getting to see them at Christmas itself but it was definitely a highlight.

And then of course there was Christmas proper. This year we spent it in the Forest of Dean with Mike's parents, and were joined by Pete and Val and Val's mum Hermine late on Boxing Day. It was another lovely break with lots of food (it wouldn't be Christmas otherwise) and lots of long walks in the snow and time watching the birds in the garden: Mike and I bought ourselves a good pair of binoculars and a bird watching scope for Christmas and enjoyed making the most of them.

Since we got back we've mostly had a quiet time - except for one lovely evening hosted by Clare. We've been shopping and spent our wedding presents in the sales - new cutlery, crockery, bedding and other odds and ends for round the home. And today we defrosted the freezer - we know how to live :) It may not be a very exciting start to 2011 but it's a happy one, and we're looking forward to the rest of the year.

Mini rant

Dec. 30th, 2009 06:11 pm
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Dropped a prescription off at the GPs today. We're supposed to leave 2 working days before collecting at the local chemist. The note on the drop-off box this morning said they'd be available next Wednesday afternoon. That's over a week! Now I know it's New Year, but that's only one day of bank holiday. Interlink Express aren't doing deliveries today or tomorrow either, so the parcel I missed before Christmas can't be redelivered until I'm back at work.

In non-rant news Christmas was lovely. Just under a week at mum and dad's, and grandad was staying for much of it, as well as Steph, Dave, Oliver, Em and John staying overnight on Christmas Day itself, and an uncle and aunt and small cousins round on the 23rd too. We might not have done much, but I think we all had a lovely time, and it was really relaxing. (Photos largely contain the baby, so are not public).

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The last week of work was busy: Christmas party at work on Monday evening, followed by trying to catch people in the Cambridge Blue to say happy christmas and exchange gifts. Wednesday had the computing staff do at lunchtime, and Mike's work's Christmas party in the evening. And Friday night we went to see Ezio at the Barfly. This is now my second gig there (the first was with Glenys to see the Indelicates supporting Jimbob (of Carter USM fame). It's bad of me not to have written that one up as it was most excellent. Anyway after 2 gigs there I think I can safely say I hope the venue is a success. It's a nice size, but is slightly let down by the pillar in the middle of the stage, and the pretty poor selection of drinks. Ezio and Booga were good as usual, though it was a shame not to see the whole band, and the audience were just a little too casual - a side effect of knowing the band personally. We had a good time anyway.

Christmas in Mirfield )

And today Mike took me out to buy my Christmas present. He'd actually given me a choice of two, with pictures in envelopes in my Christmas card to choose between a picture of a *very* large Le Creuset casserole dish or... well here it is (click through for more):

Bass Guitar

It's very shiny, and I've already got sore fingers from practicing. For now I'll be sharing Mike's amp, but I'll have to buy my own eventually - I did get a strap and a couple of plectrums and a beginners bass book to go with it. So far I have determined that my hands are just about big enough to play it OK, but that reading bass clef instead of treble clef is going to take a bit of getting used to - for now I'm using the real musical notation as a guide to what it's supposed to sound like and the tab to actually play it, which means I keep catching myself mentally thinking of entirely the wrong notes :-) But wow, I feel very very spoiled indeed!

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I've just had the sort of Christmas that seems to be considered a myth by most people these days. A few lovely days spent with family - no rows to speak of, lots of nice food and drink, some telly and some playing of board games, and presents which made people happy in both the giving and the receiving. Brilliant.

The details )

A very Merry Christmas, and hopefully a very Happy New Year.

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50 quid on a portable telly for my room, since I have a DVD player up there. And 43 quid on 7 CDs from amazon:

1 "Wake Up" 
The Boo Radleys; Audio CD; £5.97 
1 "7 Easy Pieces EP" 
Detroit Cobras; Audio CD; £4.99 
1 "Loft Music" 
Thea Gilmore; Audio CD; £5.99 
1 "Around the Sun" 
R.E.M.; Audio CD; £1.96 
1 "Alligator"  
The National; Audio CD; £7.97 
1 "The Back Room" 
Editors; Audio CD; £6.97 
1 "With Love and Squalor" 
We Are Scientists; Audio CD; £8.99 

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Christmas 2005
Christmas 2005
A handful of pics taken on the 28th

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Excellent Christmas with the family. Lots of great food (Beef stew, nachos and fajitas, traditional roast, also traditional buffet, turkey curry, turkey soup (x2), excellent mushroom risotto), some lovely presents given and received (for me: coffee cups, a singing bagpuss hot water bottle cover, lots of nice bath gubbins and 100 quid of Toni and Guy vouchers), great company in large and varied number (mum, dad, 2 sisters and their boyfriends, gran and grandad, 3 uncles, 1 aunt, 3 cousins). No-one fell out, only one glass got broken, 3 books got read late into the night and lots of silly games were played.

Home to a lovely second Christmas dinner at Mike's: roast spicy chicken, roast veg, roast zombie spuds and chocolate pud. We booked a taxi to get me and luggage back to mine, but were diverted to the pub for the quiz. Nice to see Ian before it started, then Ernie, Mike, Owen and I put in a sterling performance getting 53 points and coming 4th overall (anoraks on 56, two teams on 55). There turn out to be an awful lot of letters in the Cambodian alphabet. Then Ernie had another bright idea and we dumped the bags at GR and went clubbing. Club Goo is fun. And it made for a good end to an excellent evening, if rather mad.

Somewhere in all this I've lost my keys, which is a bit of a nuisance. Hopefully they'll turn up, but in the meantime I'm relying on spares. Thankfully Richard was home to let us in though, and yesterday ended up being a nice quiet day. Having finally got home I could open the lovely presents from my friends (CDs, DVDs, more glittery goo, a lovely photo for the wall, chocs, and a pair of pink lightup "funky hedghog" poi - thank you all very very much). Moved the bookcase in my room, had a nap, made dinner and watched some Red Dwarf on video and Robots on pay per view telly: first time I've done that! A later night than intended mind.

Got up this afternoon and Mike headed off to Bath for an evening with friends. I'm having another quiet day with hopefully some photography with Richard once I've had a bath and dried my hair. I had cake for breakfast because there was no bread. Decadent.

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Quite a few northerners amongst my friends list, or people like me who have family up there, some of whom not too far from the Leeds area. Anyone fancy meeting up for lunch or a pint or something? Leeds/Huddersfield/Mirfield are probably easiest for me, given not driving. [Poll #638494]

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