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Sprained/chipped ankle: sufficiently better that most of the time I don't even remember I did it any more. Even when doing things like attempting to scale a climbing wall. Success.

Hyperparathyroidism/hypercalcaemia: Have appointment to see surgeon on 28th, at which point they'll make an appointment to actually have the operation and take my overactive parathyroid out. Relatively minor day surgery, will need to take calcium/vitamin D supplements for a while afterwards until the other three glands reset to normal operation.

Kidney stone: This is almost certainly caused by the excess calcium in my urine because of the above. CT scan results are in and I have a 4mm stone in my left kidney. At this size it's 50/50 whether it's worth treating, but since I have symptoms (pain again this Tuesday, and I can still sort of feel it now) the GP has referred me to have it broken up using external ultrasound. No idea how long this referral will take. In the meantime I still have enough diclofenac left to deal with the pain.

Metabolic Syndrome: Having lost some weight I've discussed this with my GP. Since I have a strong family history of diabetes it's very likely that even if I lose more weight I'm still going to get diabetes later. He'd rather I continued to take the Metformin and statins, since apparently they can have a protective effect and will hopefully delay its onset. I'm not terribly happy with this, but will review in maybe 6-8 months time, at which point I'll ask them to re-do all the sugar/cholesterol level tests too. This does mean I still can't drink.

Weight loss: 13kg so far to 97kg, which is over 10% of my weight and more than 5 BMI points. I expect to reach 90kg (around BMI 31.5, and my next target) by mid-September. I need to reach 85kg to no longer be classed as obese. Still following Slimming World online, still trying not to go on about it.

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We had an Easter: Sion and Ingi renewed their wedding vows with a touching ceremony in the light rain in their garden, and a lovely party. And Jan and Owen stayed over so we had a lovely big fry-up for breakfast and lots of chocolate on Easter Sunday itself. And on the Monday we cycled out along the Shelford-Addies bike path and finally got to go for a walk around the little nature reserve and see the Nine Wells springs and the obelisk, as well as assorted birds and wild violets.

Mike and I took Monday and Tuesday off work this week, and had another lovely long weekend. Gardening on Sunday, a long walk out at the gogs on Monday which resulted in minor sunburn (why do I never learn that even in April it's not safe to go out for two hours in a strappy top at lunchtime on a sunny day?). And yesterday was Mike's birthday: we cycled into town to go shopping shopping and had a nice late lunch at Tatties, then came home and spent the afternoon playing Lego Indiana Jones on the wii: one of the few games where game play is much improved by having two players! Then we headed back out on the bus for dinner. The plan was to go to Alimentum, but I hadn't booked, and they seemed to have some sort of function on. We weren't sure if they also had normal tables through in the other room, but it was impossible to say how long it would be before anyone would be available to ask, since the function guests were just arriving and standing around drinking bubbly. So we took plan B and went to Nando's instead, which was fun and tasty if not in the same league. We'll just have to go to Alimentum another time. I've bought Mike membership to the National Trust for a year for his birthday, with me as joint member, so it looks like we'll have to make some holiday plans around that later in the year.

As you can tell from all the cycling and walking my ankle really is getting much better. I've had my first two physio appointments, and am improving vastly. Exercises include practicing standing on one leg and on tiptoes, and now trying to balance on a wobble board. More fun than exercise! I'm wearing my walking boots whenever I'm out and about, and have a walking stick borrowed from Anna: I always feel like I'm barely using it, but then I try walking about without it and find I'm much more hobbling. So today is my first day back in the office completely under my own steam, and it feels very liberating. And all the more new and exciting because the main route into the department has finished being resurfaced and they've finished demolishing the portacabins in the courtyard (which have been here longer than I have) and we're soon going to be moving into a new office, so it's all very shiny.

If I hadn't had my bike key disintegrate on me earlier (now fixed with sellotape) or discovered this morning that the fridge door had been left open a crack and the light had cooked everything on the top shelf it would be a really brilliant day. I still haven't heard from Addies about an appointment to sort out my overactive parathyroid, but I've chased via the GP, and have instructions to chase again in about a week's time. All in all life's pretty damned good though.

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Things I have done recently:

  • Joined slimming world's online site at http://bodyoptimise.com and spent a week following their plan
  • Taken metformin and statins for just over a week: 1 day of nearly gagging while eating, 2 days of diarrhoea, now just the occasional gurgle.
  • Despite the combination of the above I've not lost the huge lump of weight which is typically associated with the first week of a diet, but I shall persevere
  • Had my first day back in the office, and resolved to start going in again next week. Stephen has offered me lifts, since I'm very nearly on his route to work anyway. I'm thinking about trying the bike after Easter.
  • Been out to my first social event since doing my ankle in, the lovely Alison's lovely birthday party, with the most incredible Star Destroyer cake. It was nice to talk to people.
  • Got a letter from the NHS asking me to use their "choose and book" system to get an appointment about the hyperparathyroidism. Only I could neither choose (only one choice) or book (no appointments available) so I rang them up and apparently Addies should write to me directly within the next 14 days and if not I should contact me GP and get them to talk to Addies about it.
  • Had a go on the wii fit: 13 minutes of step and two balance games, and beat my previous scores. With a wii fit age of 29 but my highest weight ever. Though it's 161 days since I last tried it. Without my rides to work I need a little exercise of some sort. Ankle didn't mind at the time, tiny bit achy now.
  • Ascended a monk in nethack! Only my second ascension ever, and the first time I've seriously played a monk at all. It was rather fun.

Don't expect regular weight or diet updates, I just want to quietly get on with it, rather than talking about it.


Mar. 24th, 2009 10:05 pm
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It took an hour to go to the docs and back, and cost 13 quid in taxi fares, but at least I got to buy some more food in the co-op while I was out. 3 more blood samples taken, the results will take another couple of days, and then the doctor will want to make an appointment to talk about them (I'll make sure to make it for later in the morning though, that way the local taxi firm will have finished with the school run and it'll be cheaper).

Right now the ankle seems to have ceased getting much better. I can walk around the house, but if I try any longer distance I've got a really painful step about 1 in 20 or so. And of course all my muscles are weirdly stiff from being used in unusual ways. But I have an offer of a lift into work a couple of days next week, which will be good.

I am becoming rather too fond of Deal Or No Deal and Come Dine With Me, both of which really are car crash TV, but conveniently on at lunch time.

Amusingly Mike also stopped at the co-op on the way home and bought identical bread (something our co-op seems much better at than those in Oxford) and the same chocolate puddings. And he used yesterday's leftover gravy to make a lovely lamb stew, which ended up leaving more gravy. Which we ate while watching Reservoir Dogs, which I'd never seen before. A combination which was perhaps a little unwise. Now I'm off back to my book. I'm 7 books behind in cataloguing the ones I've read this year, which is very lax, but I keep putting it off in order to have more time reading :)

PS the comment spam this time was remarkably relevant, so apologies if I deleted anything genuine. If you wish to make comments but don't have a livejournal account please sign or initial them, if you wish to make anonymous comments which aren't mistaken for spam you could sign them "anon".

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1:50 appointment, arrived nearly half an hour early due to having left myself loads of time to get the taxi. Appointment was about 50 minutes late, and took under 5 minutes.

I took off the boot, he poked both sides of the ankle to check where it hurt, said the x-rays showed there wasn't much to worry about. Said I can stop wearing the boot except where I find it helps. I asked when he thought I'd be able to start cycling again "4-6 weeks", and walking a mile to the bus stop "as soon as you feel up to it" which wasn't terrible helpful, and he said I knew where to find him if I have any problems, and that was it.

I kept the boot and crutches to get home with, but celebrated once I was home by walking from the sofa to the kitchen and back in bare feet and without crutches. And it was actually pretty easy, if not terribly fast, and didn't hurt at all, since I was careful not to bend it sideways. I have been rather suspecting that in some ways the boot has been hindering as much as it helps lately. And I only just got to the point where I could walk up and down the stairs with the crutches this morning.

I'm not quite sure what to do about work. I think walking a mile is probably still pushing it rather too much at the moment, and it's nearly that far to the bus stop. I guess I'll suggest that I continue to work from home this week any maybe give it a go next week - see what they think. Though it'll be up to Stephen since Caroline is holiday and James is off sick himself recovering from a bout of pneumonia that had him in intensive care!

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On Thursday afternoon they managed to get the gas leak sorted and turned me back on (oo-er) just in time for Ingi to arrive bearing flowers and cookies, and we had a lovely afternoon chatting about everything and nothing and drinking tea. It was *so* nice not to be on my own all day again.

And on Friday morning I finally managed to burn a CD without any errors and got the laptop booting the Ubuntu liveCD, so I could do a bit of work (just keeping an eye on the postmaster world and doing some daily routine things). Amusingly at much the same time they finally found and texted me the windows admin password, so I tried that as well, but couldn't get the wireless networking to work. Bah.

And we had steak and egg and chips and leeks for tea, and I got a lie in this morning, and Mike helped me wash my hair (bliss) and mum and dad are coming to visit later today and taking us out to lunch tomorrow. So all is much better than it was with no heating at Thursday lunchtime :)

I have my fracture clinic appointment on Monday, and we'll see then how long I can expect to still be hobbling about. Foot does still hurt some of the time, and I don't think I'd want to try walk on it without the splint yet, so it could be a while. But hey, I'm getting better at Guitar Hero in the meantime :)

I have some photos of me looking terribly silly over on Facebook (but public, so the link should work even if you don't have a Facebook account).

gas leak

Mar. 12th, 2009 02:03 pm
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great now the builders next door have hit a gas pipe in what was the garden of this house. don't have to evacuate but smells of gas outside. emergency engineer on way. have given up upstairs having had to hurtle down twice to open door.

second disk also has read errors so giving up there too


Mar. 12th, 2009 09:13 am
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dammit the disk seems to have errors, am trying it anyway but am just getting a page of io errors on dev sr0. will have to burn another copy next time i go upstairs.

mike kindly swapped the guitar hero world tour disk out for guitar hero 3 so at least i can play some different tunes in the meantime. if anyone else happens to be not working and wants to play i think the friends code should be tagged wii, text me on number in memories if so


Mar. 11th, 2009 09:22 am
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Ha, work have lent me a laptop but the person who knows the admin password is on holiday and neither of the standard ones work, so it's just a large paperweight.

Foot still improving but slowly. Beginning to get v bored of this sofa. Thank god for the wii!

ps: am now downloading ubuntu live cd to try. sitting at desk makes my ankle ache.
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So yesterday morning I still couldn't put my weight on the injured leg so Mike took the day off to look after me and we took a taxi to Addies to get it looked at.
It was so nice to get about in a wheelchair for a while. After the usual sort of wait a nurse practitioner took a look and poked it a bit to see where it hurt and then sent me to get it Xrayed. She was surprised to find that I've actually got a little chip in the bone where the ligament attaches.
Apparrently you treat this sort of break much as a bad sprain. I have a big velcro boot thing rather than a tubigrip or a cast, and crutches to help me get about. And I have an appointment next week for the fracture clinic.
No fit state to work even from home yesterday and not really today either though definitely finally beginning to hurt less this morning. I'm taking pretty much max dosages of ibuprofen and paracetamol and installed on the sofa with wii, telly, book and knitting. Mike is back at work but I can just about cope. Really makes me wish we had a downstairs loo though! :)
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Yesterday I spent the morning playing guitar hero then headed over to Ingi's in the afternoon for an evening of hanging out, eating tasty food, clothes swapping and singing along to musicals (Mamma Mia and Little Shop of Horrors). It was an excellent party, and we're thinking we might all do it again some time soon.

Today Mike and I headed out for a walk along the Shelford path towards Addenbrookes intending to go look at the obelisk at Nine Wells which a friend pointed out to me the other day (find one obscure obelisk in Cambridge, and another one turns up almost immediately!). Sadly we'd got about 3/4 of the way there when I stepped off the edge of the tarmac while looking for skylarks and twisted my ankle. Badly. It was clear after a couple of minutes that this was a real sprain, and we were going to have to postpone our walk. Only trouble was we were half a mile from the road. It took us quite a while to get back there, with Mike's very welcome support, and then a tenner for a taxi round the block to save walking the last 1/3 mile. Now I'm all lumpy and going purple but strapped up, keeping my leg elevated, and taking ibuprofen.

I feel very silly! I suspect I shall have to work from home tomorrow if at all. At least I can keep my leg up at the desk, with the help of one of the beanbags my sister gave us for Christmas. I can't help seeing the comic side of it, as well as the painful one.

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