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A not very quick and somewhat random review of the year (so far :), in varying detail, with lots of links to photo albums on Facebook.

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We're planning to finish the year off with a quiet day today, and by cooking ourselves a lovely dinner to celebrate New Year's Eve tomorrow. It's been a good one. I can't promise to write as much next year, but it's definitely going to be fun!

[Other years in review: 2011, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003.]

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Two weeks ago was Pete and Laura's wedding - in Corpus Christi Chapel. It was a lovely day, and we had a really great time celebrating with them and all their friends and family. The chapel itself is stunning - so light - and the rest of the college is beautiful too. We danced the night away, though not quite into the wee small hours. (Click through below for more pics on Facebook).

The Happy Couple

Then last weekend we decided that since the forecast was so lovely we might as well go and make the most of it - and booked ourselves a couple of nights in a B&B in Matlock Bath. Travelling up on Friday after work we arrived and simply went to bed. Saturday after an absolutely enormous full English breakfast we walked up the road to Matlock, and after much faff, found a bus to Bakewell, where we headed out along the Monsal Trail - which is one of the walks Julia Bradbury featured in her Railway Walks series.

The trail itself was really very busy indeed with other walkers and cyclists - including some old friends who I am embarrassed to admit it took me a minute to recognise out of context. It was a very pleasant walk though - unsurprisingly level and easy going. It was hot in the sun, but cool and shady in the tunnels, which were really rather fun. We struck off the trail at Litton Mills, and headed up over a couple of hills toward Taddington - for a quick drink in the Queens Arms and a bus back to Matlock.

The Monsal Trail

Having followed the road down one side of the river into Matlock we figured we'd follow the footpath along the other side of the river back to Matlock Bath - not quite realising that due to the shape of the valley this would mean a climb and then views from the top of the cliff! It was a great little walk anyway - and then we finished the evening with a potter through Matlock Bath (which was heaving with people who'd come to see the illuminations) and a very tasty Chinese for dinner.

On Sunday, after a rather more restrained breakfast, we headed straight up the hill to the Heights of Abraham - a small theme park of sorts with lovely gardens, a couple of show caverns which were once lead mines, and a cable car ride back down to the other side of the river. We arrived in time for the first tour round the smaller cavern lower down the hill - which mostly concentrated on the history of lead mining. It was particularly fun since there were just the two of us and our guide. The big cavern at the top of hill was much busier, being a bit later too, and we were in a party of more like 30 - but it was still fun. Definitely a great way to spend the morning - with fantastic views from the top of the hill and from the cable car ride. And then it was time for the train home again and an Indian takeaway for tea :) (Again click through below for more photos).

The Peak District

This weekend we're taking it much easier. We've both had fairly poorly tummies this week (mine started while we were away and returned again on Thursday evening after I'd been in Manchester for the day with UCU) - Mike's was bad enough to need a couple of days off mid-week. Hopefully we're on the mend now but it's definitely worn us out a bit! Enjoying the sunshine, playing some computer games, and maybe heading out to the cinema tomorrow afternoon will be the order of the weekend I think - and not much else!

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Since we were away with the family at the end of May I have:

  • Been away to Manchester for UCU Congress - which was fantastically interesting.
  • Been to Alison's hen party: chocolate making, night punting with a bat expert and cocktails.
  • Been to Mobbsy and Alison's wedding: a very happy couple and very happy guests and lots of dancing. (photos)
  • It was lovely to have Chris to stay for a few days for the wedding too, even if we'd rather he hadn't been delayed by having his car written off!
  • Had a weekend off! Played lots of Diablo 3, watched football and tennis and didn't do much else.
  • Visited Mike's parents to celebrate their Ruby Wedding anniversary. (photos)

I've also been logging exercise on Fitocracy and I even joined MapMyRun and went for a run. I'm still not convinced about running.

Looking forward to Laura's Cambridge hen party in a couple of weeks time - and sad to have missed the Edinburgh leg. Then after that I think I'm pretty free until late August when we're off to the Lakes for a summer holiday. Fingers crossed there's a bit less rain by then, but we're determined to enjoy it even if it tips it down :)

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Last weekend we went up to Harrogate for my cousin Alistair's wedding. They chose a lovely venue - Rudding Park Hotel - and we spoiled ourselves by staying the night before as well. We had a nice potter round Harrogate itself on Friday afternoon: a walk in the valley gardens and a visit to the pump room museum where we admired the old bikes amongst other things and tried the waters (which tasted like an over-salted egg mayonnaise sandwich!). We considered afternoon tea at Betty's but declined in favour of cocktails, before heading to the hotel. Our room turned out to have not only its own terrace but a sauna in the bathroom! We didn't try the sauna but did have a lovely bubble bath and coffee on the terrace in our dressing gowns, and a fantastic dinner in the hotel restaurant.

The next day was lovely: we had time for lunch with mum, dad, Steph, Dave, Oliver and Isobel (who slept throughout) before everyone else started to arrive. The wedding was short (civil ones always are) but sweet - I loved their vows and both Cath and Alistair looked very happy indeed. It was lovely to see all the girls from the hen night again two - three of them looking very swish as bridesmaids. And they couldn't have asked for nicer weather - the sun shone and no-one needed jackets despite it being mid-October. (I had a fantastic new dress too, which I found in Debenhams the week before - I rarely spend anywhere near that much on a frock but I knew it was worth it as soon as I tried it on!) There was the usual wedding breakfast and speeches and cake cutting and dancing - but there were also pirate hats and small children hiding behind curtains - a fab time was had by all.

I took Monday off work to catch up on housework and painting and to take my bike to the bike shop - I'd noticed a crack in the rim of the rear wheel earlier that week and had been riding it somewhat gingerly since then! They couldn't look at it right away but rang me back the next day to say if anything the front wheel was even worse, and I also needed a new set of cogs at the back and a new chain, plus a few odds and ends I was already expecting, and I'd be looking at at least £200-£230 to get it back on the road, if not more. So instead I decided it was time to invest in a new bike instead - the previous Ridgeback had done me a happy 5 years and over 8000 miles so I don't think it owed me much! (See when I bought it)

After picking it out and giving them time to set it up and move all my accessories over from the old bike I picked her up yesterday and rode her home after work. I'm going to have to take her out for a proper spin tomorrow but she's looking good, and I'm very happy so far. I even spent half an hour cleaning the shed out this morning in order to get the even old spare bike I've been riding this week tucked back away at the back and make some room for her.

Anyway, this wouldn't be a post of mine without some photos, so here's the wedding:

And here's the bikes:

In both cases click through for more.

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It's been a good couple of weeks: my scar's getting much better, my shoulder isn't aching any more, and I no longer have to drink horrible effervescent calcium tablets twice a day. We had a fab weekend in Bath for Rae and Adam's wedding, where Mike was bridesmaid complete with electric guitar, and we're generally taking it easy and enjoying life.

Tomorrow I'm back at the hospital again though for litrotripsy on my kidney stone. This is where they bombard it with ultrasound waves through your back in order to break it up. Being sensible I just dug out the paperwork yesterday to make sure I was ready for Monday morning. Being less sensible I hadn't really looked at in detail since the beginning of August when they sent me it, and *now* I realise they suggest I take the rest of the week off to recover and bring someone to take me home, since I'll have been sedated and not fit to drive. Ooops.

Now obviously I wasn't intending to drive anyway, since hey, I don't have a car. Hopefully they'll let me go home in a taxi on my own, but I've grovelled to Paul to ask if he can give me a lift home mid- or late-morning. Sometimes I really am a bit of a muppet! I'd best email work and tell them not to expect me in after my appointment :)

PS *phew* Paul says yes, so I've got a couple of people I can call on just in case. Thank goodness, and sorry for being so disorganised!


Jul. 28th, 2009 10:00 pm
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  • I have seen the parathyroid surgeon today and have surgery booked for September 3rd
  • I'm going to go visit baby Oliver (and his mum and dad and grandad and granny) next weekend while Mike is away in Nottingham
  • We are going on holiday: staying in Exeter for a week from the 16th. Conveniently letting me travel there directly from Rae's hen night in Cardiff, rather than coming home first.

It's all good. Apparently the urology appointment I have on 27th August will just be to discuss what to do about the kidney stone, rather than actually do it, but that's not the end of the world. And I have to visit the hospital for pre-assessment 2 days before the parathyroid surgery, but hopefully that'll just be a reasonably short appointment rather than taking a day off work. And I'll have over a week to recover before we're off to Bath for Rae and Adam's wedding.

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On Friday I hopped on the train after work and joined Mike at Whittlesford Parkway station for a leisurely ride home, where we had homemade bruschetta for tea. Route on Bikely.

On Saturday we were woken early by next door shouting, but still managed to get a lie-in, before heading out to spend the day at Dan and Lucy's wedding. It was a very small party, only 30 people in total, and took place entirely at the Royal Cambridge Hotel. The ceremony was short but sweet and the music (and Clare's comments on it) made us all laugh. We hung around and chatted for photos, then had a lovely dinner, spent the afternoon making balloon animals and playing party games and gossiping, admired and ate the cake and chilled out some more before a buffet tea which no-one really had much room for and more socialising until the bride and groom went off to bed. It was a really really nice day and everyone looked lovely. I'll have more photos to post later.

And then on Sunday after more early waking and attempted lying-in we wandered into town to meet some of Mike's colleagues and hangers on for lunch and then punting. We were slightly thwarted in our plans by the chosen restaurant being closed on Sundays, but soon relocated to ASK for pizza and pasta. Then 9 of us headed over to Scudamores via Sainsburys and hired ourselves a big ferry punt and took it upriver to Grantchester.

punting )

Next stop was the Mill for a well-earned pint of Old Rosie, and there we were pleased to find Mike Pinna, up in Cambridge for the weekend to visit his mum, and having a quiet pint with a couple of his old colleagues. It was great to see him and have a bit of a gossip, and made a lovely end to the afternoon. We stopped on the way home to pick up some chicken from KFC and some chips from the chippy and watched Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back while we ate, which means I think I've now watched the whole set (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob, Clerks 2) and it was rather fun seeing the references to the others. And then to bed, tired but very happy.

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In brief:

  • Nice dinner w/ Mike on Friday night
  • Long lie-in on Saturday morning
  • Matthew and Sally's lovely wedding in Selwyn Chapel, and drinks following
  • Meeting Mike for cocktails in the Maypole and pizza for dinner
  • Wedding Ceilidh at the Guildhall, much dancing and spilled cider and playing tig with Benedict
  • Long lie-in on Sunday, reading Nick Hornby's A Long Way Down
  • A quick drink to celebrate Jan and Owen's birthdays at CB2, sad we couldn't stay longer
  • Me First and the Gimme Gimmes at the Astoria with Mike and Ernie
  • Me First and the Gimme Gimmes at the Astoria with Mike and Ernie (so good I had to list it twice)

I am shattered from too little sleep last night and ache from two much dancing on Saturday and jumping on Sunday. I feel *fabulous*.

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