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Previous years: 2007 (ish), 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003.

Also this year I have been keeping lists of books I've read (with brief reviews) and bike rides we've taken (with maps). Lots of the former and not quite enough of the latter.

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In January we welcomed in the year with a toast. And in February we went to Bath for the weekend, to celebrate Rae's birthday.

New Year, Jan 2008

Later February we went to Lisbon to celebrate my sister's 30th birthday, and visited the tower at Belem, the monastery and the castle.

Saturday: Belem Saturday: Monastery Sunday: the castle

Easter was in March: we made a snowman on Easter day, had an Easter cake, and went for a nice walk to Waterbeach with Duncan, Adam and Bridget.

Cake! Intrepid walkers

The boys were all given a flying lesson for Christmas. The closest they got when we visited in May was to sit in the plane on the ground, but Mike managed to get his flight when we visited again in June for my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary.

At the beginning of July the whole family went off to Bute, where we stayed at Ascog House for a week, and explored the island.

Ascog House Kilchatten Bay At St Blane's Chapel Rock hopping

In August Mike and I went on a cycling holiday, visiting Chester, Beeston Castle, and Colemere.


In September we moved house, buying a place in Great Shelford

More boxes Our new living room, all empty

And at Christmas we visited Mike's parents, taking a walk in the winter sunshine at Symonds Yat, with its wonderful views of the Wye Valley.

Christmas Tree Symonds Yat Symonds Yat

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On which note here's this year's bike rides:

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Books 2008

Jan. 12th, 2008 10:08 am
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I kept track of everything I read in 2004 with individual posts tagged and added to my memories. Since then despite good intentions it's been rather patchy. I managed to note 5 books in 2005, 3 in 2006 and none at all last year. Go me. This year let's go for a different approach and keep them all in one post, like the gigs and the bike rides.

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All in all I'm pleased to have averaged over 1 book a week, although there have definitely been some thin patches. There've been quite a few re-reads and a lot of kids books, but there's a fair lump of "real" reading in there too. Not that I think that's actually a very useful distinction. Books and music have been two great loves of mine since I was old enough to enjoy either, and it's interesting to note that in a year where I've gone to fewer gigs and bought less new music I have at least found time for a reasonably large amount of reading. Perhaps I'll manage a bit more music next year.

Addendum: I really must have re-read The Hounds of the Morrigan this year, because I only ordered it from Amazon on 31/12/2007, and I've definitely read that copy! Not sure when though.

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We had a very quiet one, with dinner for two followed by the greatest 80s movies (they left out the Princess Bride) and some of Jool's Hootenanny. And sparkling perry to toast the New Year. Hope you all had a good one whatever you were doing, and here's hoping the rest of the year is just as good.

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