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I'm going to go to this gig, anyone want to come with me? It's £17.50 and should be brilliant, according to several people who saw him on Saturday.

This nice interview at the Cambridge News should give you a bit more info if you're not sure.

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I'm really really hoping I just didn't blog some and then completely forgot about them, but in the absence of any other evidence I really only went to 4 gigs this year, and missed a 5th due to the weather. Still despite my embarrassment I'm still posting my list of gigs in 2007. Here's the lists for 2005 and 2006 too.

Here they are as a table of gigs in date order: big table )

Alternatively here they are as an alphabetical list of bands: long list )


Nov. 26th, 2007 02:52 pm
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Fantastic weekend in lists.


  • Curry at the Saffron for Mike's colleague Louise's leaving do
  • Followed by drinks at pub


  • Nice lie in and lunch before travelling to London
  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Nice walk through London
  • Lovely hotel room to stay in


  • More lie in
  • Fab hotel breakfast
  • Long walk along Thames to St Pauls
  • Ride on London Eye
  • Visit Tate Modern and look at crack in turbine hall floor
  • Posh burgers for dinner
  • Brixton for the Black Crusade: Shadows Fall, Arch Enemy, Dragonforce, Trivium and Machine Head.


  • Still the weekend!
  • Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast
  • Home by 12:15, with the rest of the afternoon off before Pizza

It's been really really good, and would have been even better if my feel weren't so sore by the end of the gig. Machine Head were fucking awesome, hadn't realised how much of their stuff I knew, and they play it really well and had a great atmosphere. And it's fab to only have to go home 3 stops on the tube! The gig was booked for ages, but the rest of the weekend was my birthday present from Mike, for which many thanks are due.

A gig meme

Sep. 21st, 2007 01:04 pm
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from BlackMetalBaz )

Addendum: who (apart from Mike) has got the greatest crossover? Plus an actual prize to anyone who has seen Preacher Boy.

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The highway code is preparing for a new version, as it regularly does, and the current version before parliament for consideration contains the phrase "cyclists should use cycle facilities where possible" - regardless of whether convenient or even safe. There's a petition up on the number 10 site requesting that this clause be re-thought. As many of my friends-list cycle I thought I'd mention it here (previously it has travelled through cam.misc, the cambridge cycling campaign mailing list, the #chiark irc channel, and another friend's LJ - it's interesting that I can recognise names from all those places). Anyway it's here if you're interested: http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/roads4bikes/.

In other news, and on which I'll try and write more later, since nothing has really happened until you've blogged about it:

  • My sister is married and the wedding was utterly utterly lovely.
  • We still don't have a desk, but may do tomorrow if we're lucky.
  • And 65 Days of Static were excellent last night at the Junction 2 - proper tour later this year, do catch them if you can.

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OK, so I can't remember much of what I've been doing up until last weekend, other than watching a lot of Buffy (now finished season 2) and eating out quite a bit. Had a pleasant afternoon playing bridge over at Jack's a couple of weekends back, did I mention that already? And I think the preceding Friday Mike and I had dinner at Anatolia, which was very pleasant if rather mad actually getting a table. Going out spontaneously for dinner doesn't work too well at 7:30pm on a Friday.

Anyway last wednesday Mike and I (as you can tell from the previous entry) finally got our arses in gear and went to look at a house we'd found via the Cambridge Accommodation Noticeboard, and decided it was just our cup of tea. We emailed the landlord on Thursday and agreed we'd like to take it, and he said he'd get back to us by Monday. We were so chuffed at the idea of actually getting our arses into gear about moving that we went out to dinner to celebrate anyway, and had lovely chinese at Hakka on Milton Road - it's come a long way from the melamine fast-food style tables of when it first opened.

Not knowing til Monday meant I spent the whole weekend wishing it was Monday already, though I didn't let that stop me having fun. We went to see Ezio at the Boathouse on Friday evening after fast food at Nando's and that was nice. Less Mike's cup of tea than mine but he did have fun, and ernie was nice company too - he's written it up already so I won't say more. Saturday morning I spent tidying the house quite thoroughly and then we headed off on the coach (£9.50 return for both of us) to Oxford for dinner at the Golden Cross pizza express (of fond student memory) and Jan and Owen's excellent housewarming. We didn't stay late enough for the music, which was a shame, but wandered off to Chris's to sleep, and had a nice long chat with Chris, Kathryn and Peggy on Sunday morning before getting back on the coach home again. If anyone else wants Keep Mordor Tidy badges I have a handful - though one is reserved for Vicky. All that travel does eat rather a hole in your weekend!

On Monday afternoon I finally got the email I was waiting for, and we're just waiting for my work reference to come through before we sign the contracts. This meant time for celebration again, so we wandered into town and discovered La Tasca have an all-you-can-eat offer for a tenner on a Monday night, which suited us just fine. Mmm nice food.

Tuesday I waited in for the estate agent to come round and value this place - nice chap. He emailed me on Wednesday and it seems it's worth a little more than upmystreet valued it at, which rather caught us by surprise but hopefully isn't enough to derail the whole thing. I spent the evening at Mike's with nice food watching Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason on the telly. Having the news in the middle is a real nuisance!

And this evening I'm having a quiet night in. I tried to make a start on transferring the utilities into Richard's name rather than mine, but it seems this is easier said that done. British Gas is in both names and is paid from an account in both names, but it seems they can't simply take my name off the bill and carry on otherwise the same - this isn't financially secure in some way, so instead I have to close the account, get a final bill forwarded to my new address (which I don't live at yet) and let Richard open a new one. And obviously they don't want to do that when I haven't moved out yet. Gah. Still, other than that I'm in a good mood, and I've listed a couple of things on ebay: spare gig ticket and a pair of boots I just bought that don't fit me. Hopefully they'll sell and I won't be out of pocket.


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If you're not already aware both FCC (Kings Cross services) and One (Liverpool Street) have suspended train services between Cambridge and London. This is sad, as I was hoping to get to a gig tonight, but just one of those things. Fallen trees and overhead line damage are the main culprits, and that's kind of to be expected when you've got winds gusting up to 80mph (Half hourly weather figures for Cambridge today)

There were problems on the M11 earlier too. And of course it's scary out there if you're cycling. Not the best day for travelling really. Now I just need to decide whether to cycle or get the bus home :-)

It's a shame about the gig though. Justin Currie ex of Del Amitri is doing his first solo tour and I was really looking forward to it. My mum and dad saw him in Manchester last night and it was apparently an excellent night. Oh well, there'll be other tours I'm sure.

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I cheated last year and did my gig retrospective for 2006 as I went along. 28 gigs, 1 festival, 2 Whitby Gothic Weekends and a college ball added up to 108 different bands. I think the Dears gig at the ICA might just pip the post to being the best.

Here after some archaelogy of that page, ripped tracks, Amazon orders and my memory is the music I bought or was given last year, though I can't pick a favourite yet:

Date order )

alphabetically )

Total: 87 albums, 7 singles, 2 EPs.

Friday gig

Dec. 4th, 2006 05:09 pm
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Friday night I was tired, I'd have quite liked to go to Matthew and Sally's farewell party, but I had tickets for a gig and so Mike and I headed out to the Corn Exchange (after a nice dinner at Nando's).

First up (and thanks to Steve Lamacq for telling me their name - he caught the tour in London later in the weekend) were Hot Club de Paris, a rather odd threesome from Liverpool. They opened a cappella, crowded round a single mic, and sang a couple of other bits like that throughout the set. Nice sense of humour, and I rather loved the deadpan guitarist's repeated "This song is called X. It's about X." I wouldn't seek them out, but worth catching.

After a long wait they were followed by Larrikin Love, who were one of the reasons I'd bought the tickets. It turns out I only really know two of their songs, but I really enjoyed them both, and the rest of the set was pretty good too. I definitely ought to track down the album at some point (after Christmas - I'm on a self-inflicted CD buying embargo until then), and I'd love to see them headlining.

The next wait seemed even longer, which may have just been my tiredness. Sore feet were definitely beginning to make me grumpy by the time Dirty Pretty Things came on, which definitely took the edge off the gig somewhat. But they were pretty good and I enjoyed having the space at the back to bop along. The encore was fun, with a new song, an old punk cover and a cover of The Libertines (Carl's previous band) I Get Along. I think they could have talked to the audience a bit more, though that improved at the end. And I think them stagediving into the audience was a bit of a hit.

Overall not the best night out, but still well worth the 15 quid.

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It's always nice to go out on a Thursday night, as even with work on Friday it feels like the start of the weekend. So Ernie and I went to see Ezio at the junction. They were supported by Ecki, a solo singer songwriter we'd seen before at the Junction, and whose album I bought earlier this year. I only realised I knew him after I started singing along to the second song though - he's cut his hair and hadn't introduced himself yet and I didn't recognise him. He was still pretty good, though didn't wow us as much as first time. A good support act though, and nice to see him supporting somewhere a bit bigger than the Portland.

Ezio themselves were brilliant as usual. This is the third time I've seen them at the Junction, plus once at the Soul Tree, and it was nice to be up at the front for a change, right in the middle immediately behind the people on the barrier (in case of "acoustic moshing" as Ezio later commented). This did mean that when I was singing along I felt a bit self-conscious for only really knowing the choruses properly, when everyone else knew every word, but I bluffed along as much as possible and generally had a great time. They're a real feel-good band, and it was a good set, and being part of a crowd that's singing along to some of the favourites is just great. Ezio and Booga (the singer and lead guitarist) doing 2 nights in the 80 capacity Boathouse in January, so ernie got himself a ticket for the Friday night, and I got two for me and Mike. I'll be looking forward to it. They always do a couple of songs at the beginning with just the two of them, and it'll be cool to have a whole night like that.

On Friday I definitely needed a quiet night in, so I cooked a rather nice fish pie (if I do say so myself) and we ate in front of the telly and watched Bend it like Beckham and Buggsy Malone on DVD, which was fun even if a bit silly. And after a lie-in on Saturday I spent most of the day doing some serious tidying and cleaning. The bathroom had been depressing me with how grim it was and it must be 6 months since the house was last hoovered properly, so the whole place got a real blitz, including my room, which now has a completely junk free floor - I still can't quite get over that, and the living room looks like a living room again instead of a weird sofa-based storage facility. Pretty chuffed with that.

The reason for the effort was I'd invited a few people round in the evening to celebrate the fact it would be my birthday on Sunday. It was all a bit last minute, and most people couldn't make it, but the small handful who did were very pleasant company and we stayed up til around 1:30, just chatting around the coffee table and demolishing a small mountain of nibbles. Mmm cheese. Some left around 11:30 to go to Jack's party or home to bed, but Mike, Andrew and Pete sang me happy birthday at midnight, which was sweet, and a good time to eat cake. Before we went to bed I gave Mike a card for our anniversary, which we'll be sort of celebrating all week. The night before my birthday was when we first met - at the Kambar - and I gave him my phone number. Definitely one to remember with a smile.

In the morning I opened my cards and some presents in bed, and discovered I really ought to be more careful about updating my wishlist when I buy myself things. Then Mike won the admiration of all my family by insisting I have a lie-in on Sunday morning while he tidied and did the washing up. We had a late breakfast/lunch, where he finished off the last of the fish pie and I ate some of my birthday card from him, which was in the form of a large watermelon. Had a nice chat with both my mum and my sister by phone, and mum and dad sang happy birthday at me down the phone. We spent the rest of the day completely lazily reading and napping in the late afternoon sunshine, before heading out for a lovely dinner at the Galleria, and a pleasant walk back to his house along the river before cycling home to mine and bed. A lovely weekend.

Tonight is the next bit of anniversary: our first date. We met in the King Street Run for a couple of drinks, and ended up staying til closing time and walking each other home, where Mike came in for a hot chocolate, stayed to watch silly Sisters of Mercy videos, and was persuaded to stay the night. Tonight the plan is to catch a film, find some dinner, and then have a quick drink in the KSR for old time's sake before we go home. I'm looking forward to it. Mike's made me very happy this year, and we're hoping for many more happy years to come.

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Right, here they are: Whitby )

Opeth/Paradise Lost ) Less Than Jake/Dropkick Murphys )

Next one I have tickets for is Ezio on Thursday, but I'm very tempted to spend 8 quid seeing ¡Forward Russia! at the Junction tomorrow, especially as I've just heard that Help She Can't Swim are supporting. It seems I've now seen 105 different bands this year. If anyone can recommend a convenient gig from anyone beginning with Q or J before the end of the year I'd be grateful :-)

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Didn't get round to writing this up last week. Last seen 4th on the bill on the NME new bands tour they were obviously chuffed to bits to be filling the same room as headliners. It was a pretty blinding set and I think they were right to finish on a high note and not bother with encores. Support was from Monkey Swallows The Universe (pleasant, and one track I recognised from the radio and liked, love to hear more) and the 1990s (rock, reasonably good but didn't grab me). Ernie writes more here. Like him I'll probably buy the album, but I've promised myself to lay off the CDs until after Christmas.

Oh and this was my 24th proper gig of this year, which means I beat last year's total of 24, since I've got tickets for 4 more already (Opeth, Less Than Jake/Dropkick Murphys, Ezio, Dirty Pretty Things). Whitby, Reading, Girton Ball and Glastonbury don't count.

A good gig

Sep. 14th, 2006 10:18 pm
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I don't seem to be feeling very verbal today, so perhaps a review in bullet points:

  • Ernie late, beer in the Cow, nachos, lots of indie kids
  • Trouble getting in: Junction hadn't passed on list, had to pay again
  • First support Caimbo: local, lots of fans, pretty good rock type indie, setlist
  • Second support Thomas Tantrum: weirder stuff, fun with rhythms, setlist
  • Bromheads Jacket: 3-piece, compared to Arctic Monkeys, bit older, good tunes, great lyrics, chuffed by the crowd, bought badges
  • Crowd: pretty rowdy, surprisingly lively almost-pit at the front, dropped glass a bit dangerous - should have plastics for when the band's on, great fun
  • Home in the rain, fun but wet, and I tripped dismounting halfway up jesus lock bridge, serves me right for trying to cycle up in the first place
  • Called Junction today, friendly chap I spoke to when I ordered, going to refund tickets

Next gigs: Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, The Long Blondes, Dirty Pretty Things (w/ Larrikin Love supporting), Less Than Jake/Dropkick Murphys. And also Ezio and prob various others but I haven't got tickets for those yet. Did some sums the other day and have spent in the region of 600 quid so far this year on gigs and festivals and train tickets to get to them. Still, worth it!

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As usual I set out with a notebook and started writing the festival up as I went. By halfway through writing up Saturday (on Sunday morning) I gave up. But still, I have the timetable for reference, so I'm sure I can remember enough.

Thursday )

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

Monday )

Half of me wishes I'd stayed that bit longer to see the others off properly, but never mind, there's always next year. I've got two tickets bought already, for me and for Mike if he feels like it once they know the lineup. And now I'm just getting over the cold that apparently most of our bit of camp came down with, and looking forward to the next festival more than ever. This was a good one.

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Friday I cooked dinner for Mike, we sat in the garden in the sunshine, and watched the silly recent Starsky and Hutch film on DVD. A lovely relaxed evening.

Saturday we decided to get out on the bikes, despite the heat. Didn't want to spend too long out though on account of Mike's hayfever, so in the end we just cycled out to Waterbeach along the river and back on the road through Horningsea and picking up the river again on the other side just after Fen Ditton. A short and very pleasant ride. We came home via Tesco and Mike cooked the most lovely lamb shank in a red wine and rosemary and garlic gravy, mmmmm. Spent the afternoon and evening watching the football, with a break in the middle for the tennis instead. And then Mike introduced me to Dungeon Keeper 2, which was rather fun even if I don't think I was actually very good. Still, it's nice to find games a challenge.

And on Sunday I'd intended to make it to Kate's to wave her off to Cheltenham, but when we got up at 11 I just thought I'd play a bit more first, and the next thing I knew it was 5pm and we weren't even dressed. So we had pot noodles for breakfast and pottered about a bit more before I had to head to the Junction to see Regina Spektor.

And well, she was *brilliant*. Support from Only Son was OK, but well, it would have worked better with a band rather than just a backing track. The audience were polite enough but when Spektor came on they were simply spellbound. She must have played for about an hour and a half almost non-stop. A couple of a cappella numbers, two in the middle on the guitar, but the rest of the time just her and the piano. I only knew a couple of tracks in advance "us" and "on the radio" both of which were excellent and tempting to sing along to if I hadn't felt like it would only spoil things, so I sang silently and smiled and grinned. It was just lovely, and a lovely surprise to find that Owen, Jan, Tom and I were also being joined by Lucy. Great performance, great company, great way to end the weekend.

Quiet day yesterday, dancing tonight, union meeting on Wednesday lunchtime, #tropic party on Saturday - not much happening this week but it should be a nice one. Oh and my hair currently has a blonde streak in the front, it'll go colourful at some point and the rest will probably go black, but for the meantime it looks quite cool in its own way.

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Ok, I'm getting behind, so I'm going to cheat a bit.

Bath: Mike and I were invited to a BBQ on Saturday afternoon in Bath, and decided we'd go down on Friday night instead so I'd get a bit more chance to see the place. We also decided to splash out and stay in a B&B rather than sleep on someone's floor, and I do think that was a good decision, if not exactly a cheap one. So we arrived around 9:30 on Friday night, and set out to walk up to our hotel, stopping for a drink in the Hobgoblin on the way. This is Bath's main alternative pub and it is teh ace. Suitably gloomy decor, a good jukebox, DJs on downstairs on several nights a week, full of dodgy alternative types and it's still a proper pub, with wooden floors, plenty of seating that doens't mind being rearranged and good enough beer to get it in the Good Beer Guide. Not to mention the dangerous Westons cider. I texted Jim to see if he'd be around for a drink on Saturday lunchtime, but he was happily going to be busy at a wedding, but came and joined us briefly right then and there instead, which was cool. Lovely to hear him enthusing about DJing IRL as well as online. When we got to the hotel just after 11 we were greeted by the manager in her PJs, who handed us the keys, showed us the room, said we could easily be axe murderers or anything, but that we could check in properly in the morning.

Amazingly we actually woke in time for breakfast on Saturday, then went back to bed for an hour or so more nap before heading into town. We had a nice potter around mostly just looking at stuff, posh choc milkshakes from the cadbury shop, cornish pasties for lunch and a look round the Abbey before heading up to the Royal Crescent for the BBQ. This was a celebration of many parts, Claire's graduation after 6 years of architecture, Sarah's birthday and Rae and Adam's leaving do, since they're moving to Cardiff. Until they move however their home is a flat on the top floor of one of the houses in the Royal Crescent itself, and this means they can use the private residents lawn, much to the bemusement of the other residents. So we sat around in the sun with a couple of disposable BBQs and ate and drank perry and chatted, and some of the others played assorted variations on catch with a mini rugby ball, and pushed each other down the slope and off the haha on a land buggy, all of which was good fun. And when it got cooler and began to get dark we headed back down to the pub again to drink some more til they chucked us out at 1am and Mike and I went home to bed. They're a nice lot and it was good to meet some of them again after the monopoly pub crawl and Mike's birthday celebrations at the beginning of May. Sunday we just checked out, pottered down through town grabbing brunch on the way and caught the train home, just in time to watch the football, make dinner, and then stick Pirates on DVD before bed.

I really could have done with more sleep on Monday to catch up from a busy weekend, but instead I headed to London to see The Dears at the ICA. Which I was going to write up with much enthusiasm but find that Ernie has done so already, saving me the trouble. He said almost everything I would have done anyway: here.

And last night we were going to go to the first of the Ballroom Improvers classes that are on this summer, but Mike had had some bad news from home: his grandma is very poorly and only really has a couple of months to live. There's not really much you can do to help someone in this case, other than offer hugs and a shoulder to cry on, and someone to talk to. She's hopefully going to be well enough to move in with Mike's parents for a few weeks so they can look after her, and Mike will go visit if he can, but he's obviously very sad. We didn't feel much like dancing as a result anyway, so we spent the evening quietly with takeaway food and a DVD and much hugging. I wish I could help more. I did get a phonecall with some good news though, more on that in another post.

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Thursday night was an excellent gig in London. Support from Engerica (hard G) was surprisingly good and Therapy? themselves were energetic and friendly and fun, and the crowd was great. Spent the entire gig one row back from the barrier, but was able to jump about rather than just being squashed. Brilliant. And we even got off in time to be back in Cambridge before the last train even left London, which was lovely. Nice company from Ernie and Mobbsy too, always more fun on the train when there are several off you. Though we did seem to be disturbing some of the other nearby people on the way home.

Friday Mike and I got up late, pottered about, packed, went to see X-men 3, and shared four halves of cider at the beer festival along with Peter, Kate, Nigel and Dave (amongst others) in the pleasant evening sunshine, with a picnic of nice things from M&S. We left just before last orders so as not to freeze.

We got up on Saturday in time to buy chocolate croissants for breakfast and get a taxi to the station. The train journey up to York was uneventful but pleasant enough, even if we ended up sitting in the vestibule for the GNER leg. We checked in and unpacked (how civilised) then headed into town for a slightly late lunch in the Golden Lion - the first pub we saw that looked appealing. Spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the streets and visiting the Minster - which would have been more impressive perhaps if it hadn't had a service taking place which meant we couldn't see as much of it as we'd hoped. Not being hungry when evening we decided to go to the cinema next - and ended up watching The Da Vinci Code in a dinky little Odeon. A good enough film in its own way - having not read the book in advance the plot was engaging enough to keep us interested, though some things I definitely guessed some way before the characters - but hey you're supposed to aren't you, to make the viewer feel smug. Mike was particularly pleased that they managed to leave out any romance aspect. Afterwards we still weren't all that hungry, and were v tired, so found ourselves a selection of random things to take back to the hotel room and had a little picnic in bed. It was a lovely end to the evening anyway.

On Sunday we entirely failed to get up for breakfast, despite setting an alarm, but did drag ourselves out while it was still morning and headed over the the Railway Museum. The last time I was there was with a train enthusiast about 10 years ago, so I suppose it's not surprising that I didn't find it *quite* so engaging this time round. It also seems that none of the trains were running that day, which was a bit of a shame, and the Flying Scotsman wasn't home either. Still we had a nice potter round and some lunch. Resisting the big wheel we did treat ourselves to a ride on the road train back into town, a silly little thing perhaps but it saved our tired legs a little and was cheaper than a taxi and more convenient than trying to find a bus. We wandered through the streets checking out restaurants for the evening, and eventually made our way to the Yorvik viking centre. I'd been there as a kid but it was a very long time ago. I have to admit that given all the fuss and the size of the queue I was expecting something a bit more substantial, but the ride through the streets was very high-tech at least, if nothing else. And there was an interesting exhibition on a bunch of roman remains found nearby too. Still, it was a nostalgia trip for both of us. We considered going up Clifford's Tower next (it being all that remains of the castle) but didn't think it quite worth 3 quid for the view, when you could see quite a way just from the mound. We finished the afternoon with a walk back into town, a drink on the riverside which was a bit windy and a bit full of drunk people, and a nice long walk around one section of the wall. It was a lovely evening and the low sun made everything even more beautiful. Last but not least by a long way we went out for dinner in an Italian restaurant which is based in what used to be a posh girls school. The food was lovely and the service mostly excellent, but it was somewhat frustrating trying to get the bill at the end, as it had got sufficiently late that they were setting tables for tomorrow and singing along daftly to the accompaniment of the pianist who'd been playing earlier, and while it was all mildly amusing it wasn't very professional.

We failed again to get up in time for breakfast, and sadly I was feeling rather full of cold when I woke, and very achy from the previous day's walking. But we checked out on time and sat reading and knitting in the lounge for half an hour before my mum and dad came to meet us for lunch. We had a drink in the improbably named Ackhorne (aka Acorn) pub. Which had a great selection of beer but sadly wasn't serving food. So instead we went back up the road to a very cheap italian and had a two course lunch for #5.50 each which was really rather good as well as exceptional value. We walked through town and wandered along another bit of the wall, but had to shift the car and ended up having a bit of a mad aimless drive for a while, before we headed for the station and a last cuppa before getting the train home. It was nice to see them anyway, and mum came bearing gifts - a plant which I have no idea what it is and an AUT tshirt, which I must wear tomorrow since it's the last day the union actually exists before the merger with NATFHE. When we got home it was to a quiet evening of Saturday's Dr Who, a light dinner and bed, where I read rather too long before going to sleep.

Cold even worse today so I emailed in sick and went back to bed until 3:30. Skipping tonight's dancing class seems a shame, but I'm still aching as well as coughing so it wouldn't really work anyway. Mike might come over after he's watched the football, which will be nice, otherwise I have no plans for this evening but to find something to eat. Having taken at least two hours to catch up on LJ I've shortened my friends list somewhat, and rather dramatically altered who is on the default view, in the hope of making it less of a time sink. Especially given I still don't yet have my own computer at home to read it from. Hopefully that will be sorted next week.

Good / Bad

May. 18th, 2006 10:24 am
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So, last night's gig. Doors were at 7, and actually seem to have opened on time yet again, which is becoming a continuing source of amazement. Support wasn't on until 8 though, and only had a half hour slot. This meant we had plenty of time to kill, in which burgers and chips from the Trailer of Life franchise were scoffed. Saves meeting up to eat beforehand and it's cheap and cheerful, if not exactly healthy. Anyway the chap doing support was called Declan O'Rourke and played us some vaguely folk tunes accompanied by acoustic guitar and harmonica on one song. He was competant, but dull enough that even his gentle Irish lilting voice couldn't rescue him. The crowd seemed to quite like him though, and applauded more than just politely.

Now the crowd, that was the thing with this gig. They were nice. Very very nice, and awfully civilised. And just a wee bit too grown up (and I mean that in terms of age and not behaviour d'oh! behaviour and not age! Even the young people were being very grown up). We made our way nearish the front for The Divine Comedy but it just seemed to rude to push such nice people - we could easily have been right at the barrier if we'd been just a wee bit less polite about the whole thing. Still the music was great. The set had a lot of new material since there's a new album out, but that wasn't entirely surprising. Neil Hannon turns out to have a very good sense of humour and comic timing, and there was a good sprinkling of old favourites. Ernie and I danced and sang along to the fast ones, but despite Neil commenting part way through that it was nice to see people bouncing to the music because that way he could tell they were enjoying it the crowd for the most part was very very static. They woke up a little for Charge which was definitely the highlight of the show, but when we can only see about 3 people other than ourselves in the front 5 rows of people who are dancing to Something For The Weekend which closed the encore then well, it couldn't help but seem a little flat. Still, someone complemented us on the dancing as we were queueing for the cloakroom on the way out.

So yeah, musically and in terms of between=track banter it was brilliant - the band were all incredibly good musicians and Hannon is a star, but overall as gigs go it was lacking a bit of an edge. I'd definitely see them again, and maybe I'm kicking myself just a little for not seeing them two years ago, but nah, it was the right decision at the time.

Since it was over by 10:30 I headed over to Mike's post-gig, which would have been a pleasant end to the evening but my horrible acid-reflux indigestion won. I was up throwing up with it twice in the night, which is not pleasant when you've already got a slightly sore throat anyway I can assure you. To be honest it's rather pushed me into being a bit more careful about my eating though - I *know* it's worse the fatter I am and yet at the moment I'm at my fattest ever and dwelling on how horrible I feel like I look far too often. So it ends here, for a while at least. I popped into Sainsburies on the way into work this morning when it opened at 8 and have lots of fruit and things for eating in the office, as well an ingredients for a nice chilli for dinner tonight. But still, even raspberry and cranberry yog with a tub of raspberries seems to be too much for me to make myself eat this morning, and I'm munching on indigestion tablets rather than finishing it. Hopefully stop feeling grotty soon though.

The BBC are running a "you're unfit and you know it" campaign at the moment, or at least in the run up to it. It occurred to me last week that I really do hate being this unfit. Only getting fit is extremely hard work, and what I dislike about being unfit is how hard work it makes everything. Hmm, awkward little situation that one.

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On Monday I was not really very with it and didn't get a whole lot done at work. Still I had an excellent evening to make up for it. Met Mike for a drink after work in the Regal, had dinner at Nando's in town (mmm yummy spicy chicken), spent an hour and a half learning some more ballroom dancing and felt much less completely useless as a result, and then went home and watched the previous two Dr Who episodes on NTL's snazzy new free on=demand service which lets you watch a subset of recent BBC programs. It was a wee bit late when we got to bed as a result.

On Tuesday I had a much more productive work day, featuring a moderate amount of SQL which eventually did what I asked it to. In the afternoon I also won two tickets for Jim Noir in London early next month by recognising a picture of Elvis Costello from a small section showing only part of his face. Nemone is doing the same sort of competition all week but I didn't recognise today's on Monday's. Had a sandwich at my desk for dinner then headed to the Junction to meet Ernie for the gig du jour: the NME new music tour. In brief: The Long Blondes were so indie it hurts but pretty good with it, and had *gurls*. The Automatic had a manic chap who Ern nicknamed Monkey Boy who sort of yell/sang backing vocals. He was their gimmick. I enjoyed Raoul and Monster but the rest all kind of blended into each other. ¡Forward Russia! were still good but somehow I didn't enjoy them as much as when I saw them supporting WAS, I still like the one with the girl drummer shouting out the mad time signatures best. All their songs just have numbers instead of names and I can't remember what number that was. And Boy Kill Boy finished the night competantly but not very excitingly. Back Again (or whatever it's called) reminded me of something else which I couldn't quite make my brain sing enough to work out what it was. I was pretty appalled to realise later that it was actually their own track Civil Sin. That and Susie were good anyway, little of the rest stood up to the promise of those though. Be interested to see if I like the other tracks back if/when I know them. Was nice to see Jan and Owen out too, and definitely a good deal for a tenner.

Today has been less productive again, I'm pretty tired despite getting home early enough to get a pretty decent night's sleep and I seem to be coming down with a cold - I've got that sort of feeling in your throat that feels not-quite-sore and a bit like a blocked nose. Annoying. Tom's happily accepted my offer of the other Jim Noir ticket which means I'll have company, and we've exchanged a bit of goth/indie-kid banter (we're both a bit of both really, which makes it all the more pointless). And now I'm mostly just killing time before I head over the the Junction again and once more meet up with Ernie, this time for the Divine Comedy. It's mildly odd to be seeing them with him: two years ago I skipped seeing them at Glasto because it was raining and I knew I'd see them at the folk fest, only to leave the folk fest early to see Ernie instead. I still reckon it was worth it, even though things didn't work out in the long run. We'll see if I feel the same after tonight!

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So I went to see the Dresden Dolls on Wednesday. This wasn't just a gig it was a show. Instead of the usual quiet gap with recorded music between the support acts and the main artist instead they had a selection of other odds and ends going on. I suspect we may even have missed at least one. Anyway, we arrived and the place was in darkness, with some classical music playing loudly. We had a quick wander round and noted a circle marked out on the floor in the middle of the crowd, some red material tied to the ceiling, and a strange sculpture made of bins. Then someone came on and announced the first support. ... )

It certainly wasn't what I'd been expecting when I booked the tickets on a whim but it made me really glad that I had.

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