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Is it just me or is this bafflingly hopeless?

16:11:05 Eleanor Blair:Hi there,
[You're chatting with Ayub.]
16:11:19 Ayub:Hi Eleanor!
16:11:25 Ayub:How can I help you today/
16:11:26 Eleanor Blair:I've realised that although I can see my bills online I never seem to get an email notification
16:11:43 Eleanor Blair:I've checked my spam folders, and there's nothing relevant
16:12:09 Eleanor Blair:I have an email telling me I requested the upgrade to 70Mbps - so emails go get through - but nothing for my bills
16:13:11 Ayub:Let me check the account details for you and let you know. Can you please confirm if I am chatting with the registered account holder?
16:13:19 Eleanor Blair:Yes I am the account holder
16:13:47 Ayub:Thanks for the confirmation!
16:14:00 Ayub:Please stay connected while I check the account details and get back to you.
16:14:11 Eleanor Blair:OK
16:16:56 Ayub:Thanks for the confirmation!
16:17:13 Ayub:Thanks for your patience**
16:17:40 Ayub:I would like to inform you that the free upgrade to 70mb is already been added to your account.
16:18:13 Eleanor Blair:I am aware of this, I can look at my bills online, I just don't get email notifications.
16:18:36 Eleanor Blair:I want to know what address you send them to, or if I've somehow turned them off and if so can you turn them back on.
16:19:45 Ayub:Can you please help me with your email address?
16:19:52 Eleanor Blair: [my gmail address]
16:21:11 Ayub:Thanks!
16:21:20 Eleanor Blair:Apparently my Virgin Media Mail address is [virgin address] - but I don't use this, the gmail one is set as my contact address, and I think the virgin one is set to forward to gmail too.
16:22:01 Eleanor Blair:I've just tested and I can send email from work to my virgin media address and it reaches me at gmail.
16:22:37 Ayub:I have added this email address on your account now which is [my gmail address]
16:22:48 Ayub:You will get notification on this email address.
16:23:00 Ayub:Is there anything else I can help you with?
16:23:12 Eleanor Blair:Why did I not previously, when that was set as my contact address in May?
16:24:50 Ayub:I would like to inform you that on your account this email address was not set that is why you were not getting notification, however I have set the new email address as you requested.
16:25:31 Eleanor Blair:Ok, thanks, but do you have any idea *why* it was not set? Given I have a message from May thanking me for setting it up?
16:26:47 Eleanor Blair:Oh well, I don't suppose it really matters so long as I get bills in future.
16:27:01 Eleanor Blair:Is it possible to send me a confirmation email reflecting this change?
16:29:58 Ayub:I am sorry we do not have access to send email however I can confirm that there was another email address and now I have changed as you gave me the new email address.
16:30:25 Eleanor Blair:Can you confirm what the old email address was?
16:31:05 Eleanor Blair:I'm not aware of giving you any other address than my gmail one and the virginmedia one you allocated me, and I have not been receiving the bills to either of those.
16:31:48 Ayub:I am sorry I have deleted the old one so I am unable to confirm now but it was by your name.
16:32:04 Ayub:Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with?
16:32:57 Eleanor Blair:Not right now, thank you, I'll be in touch again if I don't receive a notification for December's bill

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