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We have accepted that Matthew will be going to Trumpington Park Primary in September. We've filled in their admissions form, ordered some school uniform, and applied for an after-school place for one day a week. We can't visit the building yet as it's not finished(!) but they are having another parents evening in a couple of weeks, and then doing home visits the first week of September and starting school full time the week after.

I've also registered with the University Playscheme, though sadly they won't take children until they've started school, so not until Autumn half term. I'm hoping Hania can have Matthew one week this summer, we're away for two, Mum and Dad are coming down for a few days the first week in September (when school hasn't started properly yet) - which leaves three weeks to cover over the summer. I'm looking at a Super Camps place on Long Road as one possibility, and have contacted the Wacky Club (who do after-school for Shelford in the same building Matthew goes to Rainbow in and may or may not accept pre-school four year olds over the summer). All so very grown up - but he had a lovely couple of days with granny and grandad staying over half term - and did really when with a teenage friend babysitting for him the other week too.

It will be very strange for all of us when he starts school, but I think he'll enjoy it.
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