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Subject: Missing number 10 bus on Saturday

Dear Stagecoach,

On Saturday we attempted to get a bus from Bottisham to the City Centre after a day out at Anglesey Abbey, intending to then get a Citi 7 home to Great Shelford. We were rather early for the 16:04 service outside Bottisham village college, but were happy to wait for 20 minutes for the bus as there was a bench and it was a pleasant day, if starting to get cold. We used the MyBusTrip app to double check the time it was due, and saw that there was no live running information available, but were not duly concerned.

Some time after 16:04 we concluded the bus was probably not coming, and called the Traveline number on the bus stop, only to be told that they had no information other than the live running information in the app, and that I'd need to talk to Stagecoach to find out if the bus was actually running late or cancelled, but that you would not be open until Monday.

As this is an hourly service and we were already getting cold we gave up and called a taxi. We expected to pay £12.20 for two dayrider plus tickets. Instead I spent about 50p on two phonecalls and £28 in taxi fare, and have been completely put off from attempting days out by bus ever again.

Please could you inform me:

- what happened to the number 10 bus
- why the MyBusTrip app cannot tell the difference between a cancelled service and a running service with no live running data
- how people are supposed to find out about cancelled services at the weekend
- whether you would be willing to compensate us for the additional cost to our day out

I look forward to hearing from you,

Eleanor Blair

We did actually have a lovely day out, but it was *rather* more expensive that we'd anticipated. And the thai curry we ordered for takeaway when we got home was reasonably tasty, but a little late, a lot cold and very overpriced too.

Date: 2016-10-17 04:10 pm (UTC)
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How annoying :(

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