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 So, how is the Organisational change going at work?

The proposed new organisational chart is something like this:

With James, Stephen and Paul being on the same grade, though James is nominally head of IT, and reporting to Philip as part of the department's senior management.

Trouble is both Stephen and James have resigned - so this week we've been interviewing for a new interim head of IT to replace James for 6 months, and who will help to implement the rest of the organisational change and appoint both her own and Stephen's successors.  I was part of the informal stage of the interview process, giving both candidates a tour of the department to meet to people both in IT and Academics and get an idea for the scope of what we do.  It was a fairly intense experience, but I'm happy to say that pretty much everyone agreed on one candidate, and as a result Sandra will be starting on Monday, giving a couple of weeks overlap before Stephen and James leave.  Phew.

Being in the Infrastructure group does mean a change of manager for me (as Stephen was previously my manager) but will still at least mean a bit of continuity as I'm familiar with Paul.  We're all still in a kind of limbo wondering how it will all work out in the end though!
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